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Exercise Machines
Exercise and physical activity are good for just about everyone, even the aged. No matter your health and physical abilities, you can gain a lot by muscle work, then through your body to burn calories.
There are the benefits of exercise: 1. Controls weight, 2. Have better health conditions, then avoid diseases, 3. Have a good mood, etc.
Think about the situations without so much time, or being trapped by the bad weather. Picking the right Exercise Machines seems more important.

Old friends-home exercise machines for running
We can use the Costway Treadmills as the under-the-desk treadmill or exercise machines for legs to enjoy walking while working or studying. The shock-absorption deck can keep you safe from hurting the knees and lower body.
The Treadmills have wide and non-slip running belts for safety during a workout. We equip the treadmill with a phone holder to keep the phone. LED display reveals time, speed, distance, and calories. We could switch speed units between miles and km in APP.

Cycling at home
There's no need to hit the gym or pay for those expensive cycling classes anymore. These Exercise Bikes on Costway are perfect for professional indoor cycling. With this adjustable resistance exercise bike, you will definitely get a great workout.
We design the handle with an electronic tablet, which can record your exercise data during fitness training so that you can clearly understand your training performance and progress that shows the scan, time, speed, distance, odometer, and heart rate. With a simple appearance, these home exercise machines can help keep you healthy.
The belt drive mechanism ensures a quiet workout. Ultra-silent flywheels produce almost no noise. You don't have to worry about disturbing your family during exercise.

Afraid of hurting your joints?
Bothered having no time to go to the gym for a workout? Afraid of hurting your joints?
These Elliptical Trainers allow you to train your whole body at the same time. It's great to exercise specified muscle groups like arms, legs, calves, hips, abdominal muscles, and waist while causing no impact to your knees. All family members could join in the healthy indoor exercise.
Our elliptical training Exercise Machines are excellent choices to achieve the best physical condition and even help you with rehabilitation, and they will not hurt your joints. With an LCD monitor, our Elliptical Trainers will track and scan your sports data, such as speed, time, pulse rate, and so on. To help you make a more reasonable and effective workout plan.

Exercise different parts of your body
The folding magnetic Rowing Machines are great exercise equipment for your home or private gym. Keep track of your performance and monitor your progress. The LCD monitor tracks your total count, calories, count per minute, count, scan, and time.
Use this magnetic rower for an effective aerobic workout or incorporate it into your high-intensity interval training in the comforts of your home. It can not only exercise your muscles but also could burn fat to lose weight. You can exercise different parts of your body with one tool.

Excess fat without noise
With the 3D vibration modes of these Vibration Exercise Machines, you can complete various effective exercises at home.
These Exercise Machines allow you to exercise according to different exercise needs and finally achieve the best exercise effect, which is perfect to boost metabolism, improve circulation, increase bone density and suppress joint stress levels.
With powerful motors, speed/program selections, and timer settings, our vibration exercise machines can help you easily reduce excess fat without noise.


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