Baby Safety

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Baby Safety
Congratulations on your new baby as a new member of your family!!! For good parenting, we believe you have already found various tips that every parent needs, such as keeping Baby Safety.
Such as 1: Install safety locks on cabinets; 2: Secure electrical cords to baseboards. 3: Anchor down unsteady pieces of furniture, like bookcases.
So learning about some safety tips for each stage of your baby's development is the essential part because your baby will grow more curious and active.
What if you are not available to accompany your baby's situation? Many parents were worried about this part, and the part is essential for caring for the babies.
And we'll be right here with you, so you're not alone. With suitable Baby Safety tools, you can avoid many troubles when leaving the baby in the room.

For Baby Crawling and Walking Safety
Ⅰ: Remember to install safety gates securely in front of stairs and basement doors. Avoid gates with diamond-shaped slats which provide footholds for climbing toddlers. Use gates with straight, vertical slats, and a swinging door is essential.
Therefore, you should know about Costway's Baby Gate, which has straight, vertical slats, and is convenient for transporting with lightweight, folds down to store in seconds, to carry to any place you need.
You can easily rotate each panel 360 degrees for unlimited configurations. With this extension panel, you can freely position the pet gate between doorways and structures, perfect for doorways, hallways, entryways, stairs, homes, and more.

Ⅱ: Are you still worrying that your kid would roll over the bed and hit his head accidentally during the deep night?
The Costway toddler Bed Rails are the right choice for a safe night for your children. Our Bed Rails featured breathable & durable mesh cloth, which is difficult to be torn.
These baby safety rails work with any type of slat/spring box, or wooden base bed, adding a higher level of security and fitting all bed sizes.
With great resilience to prevent impact force and offer better protection. Premium steel tubes connect tightly to make it stable enough with no wobbliness to keep Baby Safety. You can also use a belt to secure it.


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