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Ride On Toys
Like adults love driving on the wide road, kids love the joy and freedom of taking off with their Ride On Toys.
But start your search and you’ll quickly learn just how many products there are to choose from: Powered Ride On Toys, Push & Pedal Ride On Toys, Balance Bikes, Kids' Bikes, Scooters, etc.
These practically designed products also deliver dig more benefits to kids, balance skills, exercise for fitness, and aiding coordination, and motor skills, promoting children staying outdoors for a longer time. Just the same as soccer games and picnic games, they help parents with more choices to accompany with kids.
There are different perfect choices that will encourage your little ones to go outdoors and play—they will spend a merry time with a whole new Ride On Toys!

Powered Ride-On Toys
Kids can share driving fun together. Meanwhile, we equipped Costway Powered Ride On Toys with safe belts/handrails, intended to protect kids. Higher bearing capacity leaves you without worrying about driving safety as well.
Kids can move forward or backward at a high or low speed, by a corresponding switch. It also strikes the perfect balance between safety and comfortableness.
The rear wheels of these Powered Ride On Toys adopt a shock absorber spring, minimizing the shock feeling and ensuring smooth driving. Dynamic music, bright LED lights, and loud horns can not only provide a realistic driving experience but also bring endless fun.

Push & Pedal Ride On Toys
The Costway pedal go-kart is suitable for children ages 3 to 8 and for both indoor and outdoor use. Good wear resistance makes it durable enough to be used on any hard surface or even on grass, bringing an exciting riding experience for your kids.
We equipped these automatic 4-wheel Push & Pedal Ride On Toys with different balancing systems for better stability. A low gravity center will prevent the kart from flipping over, ensuring your children's safety.

Balance Bikes
The Costway ride-on toys for 1-year-olds will be the perfect toy for the first birthday present for your boys and girls.
These balance bikes can enable the baby to master the balance skills as soon as possible, and also train the baby's coordination skills, promote the development of the leg muscles, and exercise your baby's limb coordination.
And we made the wheels of EVA material, which has the characteristics of shock absorption and noise reduction. We also have a lot of careful design, such as the 135°degree steering limit, to better protect your baby from harm.

Kids' Bikes
The Costway Kids' Bikes can help children quickly master riding skills under safe conditions, and it includes a front caliper brake and a rear brake to improve safety. In order to keep up with the growth rate of children, bicycle seat cushion height is adjustable. They are the perfect ride-on toys for 8 to 10-year-olds: 2 detachable auxiliary wheels can help them ride better while ensuring their safety and meeting the different needs of children of different ages.

In addition, the Scooters on Costway are perfect for riders ages 4 to 13, and all frames with sturdy material. The deck is wide enough, so kids can enjoy the ride, and the low-to-the-ground design makes it easy for little ones to go easily and confidently hop on and off.


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