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What is Costway Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is the model without a middleman that offers the opportunity for retailers to hugely benefit by selling products directly from the manacfurators to the customers. Retailers simply pass the orders to Costway. Customers will receive the ordered products directly from Costway. Your profit is the difference between our selling price and your listed price of the items sold.

The more you sell, the more you earn, the higher your profit is!

  • Multiple Markets

    We aim to bring Costway all over the world. In fact, we’re already in US, UK, DE, IT, CA, ES,FR. Dropshippers from eBay, Amazon, Wish and other platforms are always welcomed to join us.

  • Earn Higher Profit

    Be rewarded with redeemable coupons and offers regardless of your Dropship level. You can earn rebate up to 3% according to how much of your store sold.

  • Fast and Free Shipping

    Costway covers all expenses, from packaging to shipping, we have it covered. Products will be shipped to your customers in 2-5 Business days throughout US.

  • Lower Prices

    Ultra-lower prices than other platforms, eBay, Amazon etc.

    Besides, we’re constantly pushing out promotions to help you get your favorite product for half the cost.

  • 8000+ products

    We have multiple large warehouses scattered across the US, and with over 8000 products listed from home garden to toys and pet supplies, you can be sure we fulfill all your needs.

  • Product Support

    We will provide you a CSV file daily after the certification, which contains everything you need, link of images, description, stock management.

  • Our Guarantee

    We offer a 90-day return guarantee.

    We guarantee you a quick response.

    We guarantee your privacy will be respected.

  • David C. Robkin

    Can I join if I’ll dropship on Amazon/eBay/ Shopify/…?

  • Nicholas R. Bourdain

    I run an online store. Do I qualify for the Dropship?

  • Sasmita K. Ahuja

    I have many resources for Drop Shippers, can I recommend them to your program?

Monthly Sales

(Non-quality refunds are not included)

Total Sales discount

(in one month)

Account Level

No minimum value needed

(more than 10 orders a month)

Extra $5 OFF

Level 1

$5,000 - $9,999

Extra $55 OFF include:

( $5 OFF × 5, $10 OFF × 3)

Level 2

$10,000 - $29,999

Extra $150 OFF include:

($5 OFF × 10, $10 OFF × 10)

Level 3

$30,000 - $59,999

Extra $350 OFF include:

($5 OFF × 14, $10 OFF × 28)

Level 4

$60,000 - $99,999

1% rebate

Level 5

$100,000 - $299,999

2% rebate

Level 6

$300,000 +

3% rebate

Level 7

• Drop shippers with an account of higher level will enjoy a larger amount of coupon.

• Drop shippers with $60,000 monthly sales are qualified to earn rebate (Example: Level 7 drop shipper with $400,000 monthly sales

will get $12,000 cash back in the first week of the next month).

• Coupons will be issued at the end of the month or the beginning of next month.

• Account level will be updated according to the sales of last month.

• All the coupons have valid dates.

1.How can I get certification from Costway?

2.Do you ship to our customers directly and freely throughout the US?

3.How can I track my packages?

4.Can I return any product to Costway?

5.Who can I turn to for additional help?

6.Can I be the dropshipper without a Store?

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