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Pretend Toys
No matter the age, Pretend Toys has always been the ideal choice for your kid to spare time in the room.
In your kid's imagination palace, they will have countless choices and they are versatile enough for various imaginative adventures. The Pretend Toys will provide more choices for your children and their friends entertained for hours. Want to pretend toys that inspire fantastical adventures? Consider Costway's Play Kitchen Sets, Play Tents & Playhouse, etc :

An ideal present for your little chef
Look for an ideal present for your kids' birthday or Christmas. The Costway Play Kitchen Sets with stylish and lovely look makes young chefs love it!
With the Play Kitchen Sets, the little chef in your home will be busy cooking up some creativity. These kids pretend toys kitchen has essential appliances including the microwave, oven, and refrigerator. Or designed with the faucet, removable sinks, windows, towel bar, towel, and other gadgets — such as the switches of the oven.
Besides, there is also a large space under the oven/ microwave to hold any added food items/ cookware.
You can purchase more cookware for your children and they can enjoy making a meal for you, or perhaps "cooking" dinner alongside you. Two young kids can cook together to cooperate and share happiness.

Build a secret base for kids:
Are your little prince or princess eager to have his or her own secret base?
The Costway Play Tents & Playhouse will help you: Just like in the actual house, it is large enough for your kids to create their own private space both indoors and outdoors.
Whether at home, in the daycare center, backyard, or park, the Play Tents & Playhouse are the perfect pretend toys for 4-year-olds or older kids, can always be the kid's paradise for various activities. Your kids and their friends can spend the entire afternoon reading books, playing chess, or napping in this cozy playhouse.
In the spacious space, both kids and parents can move around freely inside the playhouse. It is large enough to accommodate many pillows and kids’ favorite toys.
And we cover the entire house with non-toxic and odorless oxford cloth. Adorable doors and windows are not only for decoration but also for air circulation. The thick and soft mat also creates a more comfortable ground-sitting experience.


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