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Massage & Relaxation
The magic of the massage items
With nowadays rapidly developed steps for daily life/work, we always feel exhausted after remote online work or after a long day of general life. It seems essential to care for our body/mental health.
Except for SPA, massage items at home are an excellent way to unwind and receive benefits without leaving your home, and you can enjoy all the relaxing projects on your own—from relieving muscle tension to reducing stress-into give you effective instant relief.

Discover all the Benefits:
There is a ready Costway massage products list for you:
Massage Chairs:
With ergonomically designed to fit the body curve and can trace your neck down to your thighs to provide a larger massage range. And the Costway Massage Chairs have a yoga stretching function to relax the muscles of the whole body.
Back far-infrared hyperthermia and foot massage roller help promote blood circulation. Equipped with automatic shoulder positioning detection, the massage chair can give you the best massage experience, covering the shoulders, arms, calves, and feet to relieve muscle tension and fatigue.
Foot Massagers:
The Costway Foot Massagers are multifunctional, designed with kneading, vibration, and heating modes, and three speeds available. It effectively stimulates reflexology pressure points and soothes sore muscles in a targeted manner. The bracket also supports a tilting angle, allowing your feet and legs to be optimally relaxed.
Back Massagers:
We designed our Back Massagers with high elastic straps, easy to use and adjust, making them adjustable to attach to most chairs and cars. Massage nodes reinforced heating function mimics the kneading and penetrating motions of an actual massage therapist's hands.
You can easily massage your neck, lower and upper back, shoulder, lumbar, waist, leg, calf, and foot. You can go to any place, then take your massage.

Tips before massage
Oils, lotions, and creams can apply to your hands or the skin before a massage to reduce friction.
Some researchers believe the scents of aromatherapy products like essential oils, scented massage oils, and room diffusers benefit the mind and body and may promote relaxation.
Eye masks/ear plugs can also be a great helper for massage by blocking out distractions.
Our Spa & Salon products, including bubble massage spa and rolling swivel stool, will be the perfect addition to your backyard or in the Salon.


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