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Art Easels
Art always means creative or imaginative talent, expressive of beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas. And we can explore more art in daily life.
The well-functioned art easels can help your young artists accurately depict what reflection is in their minds, then they can finish the painting better.
We designed our art easels for our young artists, considering their height, drawing habits, and storage needs, etc. With well-designed Costway children's art easels, you will find an easel to suit your needs. Smaller children's easels are available for young artists.

Art easels for children
These educational art easels for children are a good childhood gift for your children over 3 years old. It can develop kids' interest in painting while stimulating their imagination and creativity.
Equipped with a magnetic whiteboard and chalkboard, our young artists can draw with his/her best friend to promote friendship. This art easel is environment-friendly and sturdy for long-term use. Humanized rounded corners can effectively protect children from scratches.
The trays on both sides can put various art accessories, and tier racks with storage boxes can provide spacious space to organize art supplies. Also, sturdy and environment-friendly materials ensure good safety for kids.
Our young artists can paint exquisite works with chalks on the blackboard, while the whiteboard allows kids to paint with a dust-free marker pen. They can also roll out the paper and fix it with our magnetic beads, letting your little artists stimulate their imagination and create more works.

Art Easels for babies?
Or you are looking for Art Easels for babies, or you want Art Easels that can widely use in homes, classrooms, daycare, preschools, etc. You can find the right answer on Costway:
Just like the 3-in-1 children's art easels can instantly catch your kids' attention and meet different needs. Comes with 2 functions to meet your baby's needs for drawing and reading. This art easel has a double-sided magnetic whiteboard and chalkboard for versatile use. On the other side is a 3-tier book rack to store kids' drawing books, story books, etc.


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