4.75 HP Treadmill with APP and Auto Incline for Home and Apartment

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Key Features

4.75 HP Powerful yet Quiet Motor: This folding treadmill is equipped with a 4.75 HP motor that provides an adjustable speed from 0.6 to 12 mph. Hence, whether you want to walk, jog or run, this treadmill will always fit. When you are exercising, the powerful motor ensures a quiet environment to avoid disturbing others.
15% Auto Incline and 20 Preset Programs: To unmatched the variety of your workouts, this electric running machine features 1 - 15% automatic incline and P1 - P20 preset programs that simulate different road surfaces outdoors, so you can adjust the intensity of the exercises based on your needs.
LED Display and Smart Gymax APP: With a multi-functional LED display, this cardio training running machine tracks the data of time, calories, distance, heart rate and steps. And all the data will remain if you short-press the "PAUSE" button. Apart from it, the smart Gymax APP can also keep your exercise data. All you need to do is connect your phone to this treadmill through Bluetooth (EsangAudio V2).
Running with Safety and Protection: There is a total of 7 layers in the running belt, which makes it anti-slip and shock-absorbing to effectively cushion your legs and knees. Moreover, a spacious running surface gives you plenty of room to run. After running, you can put your hands on the pulse sensors to check your heart rate.
Soft Drop System and Easy Movement: When you unfold this treadmill, the soft drop system not only makes the process effortlessly, but also protects the floor from being damaged. In addition, the built-in wheels allow you to move this folding running machine without hassle.
Warm Note: The packing dimension is 81.4" x 36.6" x 15.1" (L x W x H). Before placing an order, please make sure the door is large enough to allow the package to pass. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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MaterialSteel, MDF
Dimension of unfolding74" x 32.5" x 52.5" (L x W x H)
Dimension of folding51.5" x 32.5" x 52.5" (L x W x H)
Size of running belt51.5" x 19.7" (L x W)
Length of power cord47.2"
Net weight176 lbs
Weight capacity265 lbs
Speed range0.6 - 12 mph
Slope range1 - 15 Level

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4.75 HP Treadmill with APP and Auto Incline for Home and Apartment 4.75 HP Treadmill with APP and Auto Incline for Home and Apartment 4.75 HP Treadmill with APP and Auto Incline for Home and Apartment 4.75 HP Treadmill with APP and Auto Incline for Home and Apartment 4.75 HP Treadmill with APP and Auto Incline for Home and Apartment 4.75 HP Treadmill with APP and Auto Incline for Home and Apartment


This exercise machine is professionally designed with 20 preset programs, which is suitable for different user groups of different levels.


If you want to challenge yourself, 0.6 - 12 mph adjustable speed, 3 countdown modes, 15 auto inclines and 20 preset programs can meet your different needs. When you want to track your exercise data, hold the armrest pulse sensor to monitor your heart rate and then check the large LED display. There will the data of time, calories, distance, heart rate and steps for you. To make exercise more interesting, you can play your favorite music with your mobile phone connected to Bluetooth (EsangAudio V2). What's more, the smart Gymax APP provides functions of treadmill control and community dynamic sharing for more intelligent and convenient life. Additionally, a 4.75 HP powerful motor and 7-layer running belt ensures an effective and safe running experience.


If you are looking for a treadmill like this, do not hesitate to place an order!


  • The packing dimension is 81.4" x 36.6" x 15.1" (L x W x H), please ensure it can enter your door before purchasing
  • 4.75 powerful motor for low-noise operation
  • Adjustable speed from 0.6 to 12 mph for walking, jogging and running
  • Achieve a variety of fitness goals with 15 auto inclines and 20 preset programs
  • Time, calories, distance, heart rate and steps data are clearly shown on the LED display
  • When you press the "PAUSE" button, all the data will remain
  • Use the Bluetooth (EsangAudio V2) to connect the treadmill with smart the Gymax APP
  • Excellent cushioning effect for your ankles and knees with a 7-layer running belt
  • Monitor your heart rate when you put your hands on the pulse sensor
  • Convenient to unfold with a soft drop system
  • Folding design and built-in wheels for easy movement and storage
  • Make running no more boring with high-quality Bluetooth speakers
  • Put your bottle on the cup holder for easy access
  • Please do not place the treadmill on carpet during usage to avoid motor overheat


6 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • O

    5th treadmill we've tried. Love this one

    I had previously reviewed a stationary exercise bike and a $300 treadmill for working out at home while the local gym had been somewhat on lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. The bike never got used and the treadmill -- you truly DO get what you paid for! I sold it after it had been sitting there for months. With that said, my brother and I each were still on the hunt for a treadmill: one for use with a standing desk (which I had previously reviewed that was actually quite nice) and another that is more traditional. Although we each liked a treadmill we found, I ultimately wanted one with a motorized incline/decline without spending over $1,000. I wanted to ensure that this treadmill would get its fair use before writing the review. Over the last 4 weeks, I had used it about 3 times a week. Right off the bat, you should be aware that this treadmill does NOT compare to what you would find at the gym where those machines cost more than $1000. What it DOES have going for it is its build quality. It is by far, far better than the $300 treadmill I had initially tried in terms of exuding confidence as a safer equipment, more professional look, and extra amenities. SETUP It was SUPER easy to put together (instructions were good enough to follow). Screw on a few bolts at the bottom front to hold the vertical posts in place and secure the dashboard with more bolts. One should note that this treadmill was VERY, VERY heavy. In fact, it was delivered on 2 pallets and left in our garage. Heart rate sensor worked right out of the box and appeared accurate -- it matched my Garmin chest strap's reading. MATERIAL This treadmill looks sturdy with metal parts throughout (and accented with some plastic). It is HEAVY at an estimated 170 lbs due in large part to the motor responsible for the incline/decline. Think about that for a moment -- 170 lbs! There are skateboard-type wheels at the back to allow the treadmill to be moved without scratching the floor. It supposedly can accommodate up to a 265 lbs person. The dashboard is fully plastic and gives it a visually larger footprint than I'd like, but does not make good use of it for holding accessories besides a single water bottle. It houses Bluetooth speakers instead. I really like the shock absorbing running surface, and the 19.7" width of the running belt. My previous favorite was only 17". The width gives me more confidence with running without falling off the treadmill. The cheaper ones I had tried were all about 3.7" narrower. Just 1" alone makes a huge difference! (That's what she said!) The motor, at the lowest setting is VERY quiet. You can also feel its power when set to its maximum speed of 12mph. My previous favorite tapped out at 9.9mph. USE - The treadmill itself can be folded and unfolded with the assistance of hydraulics, making it require far less strength to put away. I was particularly impressed with this one over the $600 and $800 treadmills I had previously tried -- it was more effortless to fold up than the other -- I did not like that you cannot lock the unfolding mechanism. One can activate it by simply pushing it, and slowly, the running belt comes down. For an adult, that's not a problem. But if you have a toddler who happens to be in that area, the treadmill coming down (although very slowly) could potentially be fatal for the baby. I remedied this by using a bungie cord to hold the running belt portion up so that even if the hydraulic mechanism was activated, the treadmill would not come down - Speed and incline can be adjusted through both the control panel and where the pulse rate sensors are located - It shows the values in imperial units (can be changed to metric via the app). In other words, you will see mph (but can change to km/h) - Incline goes up to 15% grade - A smartphone app is available to control and monitor your workouts (download the "Gymax" app on either Android or Apple iOS app stores) - There are Programs that vary speed and incline levels to confuse muscle memory and provide a better workout - There is a red magnet that attaches to the control unit. You should clip it to yourself so if you fell, it would INSTANTLY shut off the machine. WHAT I DID NOT LIKE - Hydraulic function to help fold/unfold the treadmill has no locking feature to stop a child from accidentally having the running belt portion come down and result in something fatal - This treadmill is VERY, VERY heavy. You will need a second person to help you set it up This treadmill takes up a decently small amount of space and is VERY easy to fold/unfold. It felt sturdy and safe and was wide enough that I could still focus on watching a movie while running. Quite happy with this purchase. The quiet motor and automatic incline/decline worked well and for its cost works better than expected.

  • H

    Awesome with only one flaw

    This treadmill replaced my old inexpensive treadmill. It is heavy and stable. It is a smooth experience and easy to use. My only complaint is the slated cup holder. I had to buy a spill proof water bottle because I could only fill my tumbler half full or it would spill. Keep in mind that this thing is massive when delivered and you will need at the minimum two strong people to get it inside. After that set up is a breeze.

  • D

    Easy set up and soft on the feet

    I had a small treadmill that I used for walking while working from home. Although it was good for walking, when I started picking up running again, it didn’t work out so well. It was not wide enough and does not feel soft on the feet. When I needed an incline, I also had to adjust manually. To accommodate for running more often, I decided to upgrade to a larger and better treadmill. This one fell within my budget I had all the options I wanted. When the treadmill arrived, I was quite surprised by how large the box was since I was used to the old and small walking one. The treadmill was packed well and didn’t require much to assemble. There were several screws on each side to stabilize the stand and that was it. Took about 15 minutes to carry it into the house and assemble. I’ve been running on this for several weeks now and it was a whole world of difference compared to the smaller portable one I previously used. The running belt seems smoother and it felt as if there was suspension to cushion the feet as it lands. It is a much better option to have an electric incline so I can adjust it with a button rather than manually by hand. I also like that there is an app that can sync your running. The app has options to control your running settings as well if you decide to use that instead of manually pressing the buttons. A bonus on the app is that it has different training programs you can use and can set it to mimic outdoor running. This is a great thing when you live in Southern California and there are heat waves every other week. One other thing I liked is that I can switch the unit from metric to imperial on the app, whereas that option was not available at all on my other treadmill. On my old one, I had to do the conversion in my head while running. It is not a big deal, but nice to have. Overall, the easy setup and the comfort in using this treadmill has made running a lot more enjoyable. The only downside when I switched to this treadmill is the delivery company that dropped off the package — they dropped off a crate that held the treadmill as well and it was as large as the box, taking up so much room.

  • I

    Great treadmill.

    Was delivered super fast, set it up in less than 30 mins. Great treadmill. Great quality. Exactly what I was looking for!

  • J

    Good price for what it offers!

    I love this treadmill. I had to replace my older one with a new one. I like it has actual buttons for the options My older one was touch screen so when I would work up a sweat the screen would be hard to select through the settings, and of course I love the Bluetooth mode. The price is surprising for what you get. I bought my old one from Walmart for a steeper price and it didn't even have the incline and decline option.


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