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Outdoor Play
We all know playing is natural for children, and playing outside has many advantages you shouldn't ignore:
The first good thing is obvious: outdoor play can help muscle strength grow, some playground activity seems repetitive, but it pushes young kids to develop muscles.
In addition, taking kids playing outside and exposure to sunlight helps ensure kids get enough vitamin D, which works a lot, including bone growth, and even helps with puberty growth.
Therefore, Outdoor Play is important for babies and kids' early stages of growth.
We devote our team to quality Outdoor Play facilities design and better customer experience. Costway's outdoor play offerings support lifelong quality products for your little ones and the whole family.

Build an Outdoor Play park for your little ones:
Want to have a water park in the hot summer or have a bouncy castle indoors/outdoors?
Costway Bounce House is a brilliant choice:
It would be a water park if you connect the water hose. You can inflate or deflate it in a few minutes. This bouncy castle is ideal for parks, backyards, etc.
This amazing bouncer water slide features slides, a climbing wall, curved slides, a splash pool area, and a jumping area, and children can climb, slide, and bounce in this outstanding bounce house. Durable oxford cloth is dense and wear-resistant that can be used for a long time.
And these Costway Air Blowers pump has a safety cover with a space-saving design, which is a portable operation by one person independently. The fan works well with outdoor bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses, and air sofas.
Wanna find an excellent gift for your kids to make them fall in love with jumping?
The Costway Trampolines can create a reliable and enjoyable playing area with endless fun for your kids and accompany their childhood.
We construct this trampoline with a high-quality steel frame & legs to enhance overall stability when your kids are jumping.
Just let them spend all-day time jumping and laughing and listening to the heartbeat of the world.
The Swing & Playsets including Toddler Climber and Swing Set Playset which can create an exclusive amusement park for your baby, offer diverse functions: smooth slide, safe swing, basketball hoop, and climbing ladder,
And you can use the Swing Set for a comfy nook. We can use it as a reading nook, resting pod, and hanging chair. Perfect for people who need a relaxing therapy zone to calm their minds, plus gives kids private areas.

Other splendid choices you shouldn't ignore:
A folding plastic Climbers & Slides not only allows kids to go out to yard but also exposures kids to sunlight to get enough Vitamin D. Costway folding slide is easy to climb by a smooth and wide slide, making kids enjoy the fun of climbing and sliding. It also can promote fitness, balance, and coordination.
In the process of playing basketball and football, kids can improve their hand-eye coordination ability and physical strength with Toy Sports. Using kids’ exclusive basketball hoop play set lets your kids enhance their ability to throw, run, jump and balance, then make them fall in love with basketball. Besides, in order to make users quickly get a complete basketball hoop, Costway has reduced unnecessary assembly steps as much as possible.
Costway Lawn Games is perfect for playing at home, outdoors, birthday party, or at a barbecue. The Jumbo 4-to-Score Giant Game Set makes family game nights becoming even more exciting, through this game, children's motor skills, and cognitive skills can be greatly improved.
Costway kids outdoor Sandboxes are certified by ASTM and CPSIA, guaranteeing even more security, high-quality cedar wood is environmentally harmless to kid's health to better ensure kid's safe playing, and the bottomless design of Sandboxes allows kids to dig as deep as they can or freely adjust sand depth. Check Costway Sandboxes and make your kids fun now!

Give your children a fantastic present now!
Costway Seesaws can improve multiple abilities, like balance and coordination, and they also can accompany your children to grow older. Costway Seesaws double the fun with a 360-degree swivel than a traditional seesaw, they can not only enjoy a seesaw but also play like a merry-go-round.


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