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It’s a lucky thing to give birth to a baby in the world—babies are always full of joy and keep curiosity about everything. They are precious to humans. Babies don't need school to learn. They will use their eyes and hands to explore the world.
Exposure, exploring, playing, and conversation are important elements for a baby's initial life growth. Enjoy these activities with your baby and safety precautions with your baby, then start the journey together!
The Costway Baby Activity will be the perfect partner for your baby activity and the perfect choice to build a baby activity center!
If you are a novice mother, or your family will have the little baby as a family member, there is some stuff you should prepare first :

Looking for the stuff better for Baby Activity?

When your baby is very young and can't sit, you can let your little one lie on the Baby Gyms & Playmats. Multi-function can suit different ones in different ways: Newborn, active discovery, tummy time, sitting and crawling.
When the babies reach, grab, and kick at interesting toys, these motions make toys sway, jingle, and rattle, which stimulation visual and auditory development, and it's perfect for 4 month old baby activity.
And when you are doing housework, you could trustingly leave babies with the Baby Playpen & Playards—that can work like cribs. The area is high enough so that the baby could not climb out. The Costway Baby Playpen & Playards have detachable storage pockets that can hold toys, feeders, or diapers. And it is easy to be taken down for easy transportation/cleaning and storage.
The ventilating mosquito net offers 100% protection against bugs, bees, mosquitoes & flying insects. Babies will be cozy in the scorching summer.

What else to entertain a baby?
It's important to guide the baby to use his own balance ability and leg muscle strength to lead the direction. We scientifically designed the wide Baby Walkers with triangular structures fully firmly support the frame. Reduces gravity center to prevent rolling over. The anti-slip rubber ring on each wheel adjusted to slow/fast speed can increase friction and improve shock absorption.
The front game panel features lighting effects, interesting sounds, beautiful melodies, English letters and cute patterns for kids to learn and play. It can help babies develop visual and auditory senses, hand-eye coordination, etc, suiting toddlers at different stages of walking.
When you are tired and want to save some energy, we designed the Baby Bouncer & Rocker to let you choose a comfortable swing range button, then set the time, then Baby Bouncer & Rocker will soothe your babies and make them fall asleep slowly.
All these multi-functioning and safe Baby Activity facilities will be the perfect choice for novice mothers!

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