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Physical care is a must-have treat after coming back from a hiking day or finishing a busy workday to help you recharge and face the next challenge. If you have no time to explore a reliable nearby health care center, or your problem is just swollen feet or backache, at-home self-care tends to be a good choice. Particular health care equipment will settle these physical issues, like the Shiatsu massage chair and Foot spa bath massager, but if you find the Shiatsu massage chair looks a little more chunky for those small apartments, then consider the smaller budget choices, partial treatment massagers like Back and neck kneading massager.

How to pick the right home massager
Massage & Relaxation
There’re two types of Costway ergonomic at-home massager chairs: Shiatsu massagers and vibration massagers. Shiatsu massagers give a deep spa for muscle injury or soreness with rotating and kneading movements. Vibration massagers have less intensity and are designed for relaxing tired with pulsing movement at the end of a long workday. Besides, partial massagers include Back and neck massagers, Foot spa bath massagers, and Foot massage machines. Those three Costway different partial massagers deliver different treats, if you need a budget buy and basic self-treat, just choose them.


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