6 Place Setting Built-in or Countertop Dishwasher Machine with 5 Programs

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Key Features

Thorough Cleaning with Top and Lower Spray Arms: Featuring 360-degree spray arms with 26 water ports, this dishwasher machine creates powerful flows of water spout, effectively removing the stains without a blind angle. The sewage will be drained out through a detachable 3-layer filter, which is also open for easy residue cleaning. And it is suitable to cope with rinse aid, powder, pod, and liquid dining ware cleaner.
Large 6 Places Setting: This dishwasher machine has a bulky capacity to accommodate a total of 72 pieces of utensils, including a cutlery basket and a 6 place setting basket. If your salad fork, serving bowls, baby dishes are made of ceramic, glass, or stainless steel, feel relieved to throw them into our dishwasher, relieving the dish load pressure for the whole family.
Hot Air Preserve Function for Travel: You can leave the cleaned utensils in our dishwasher for 72 hours. During that time, the 158 °F hot air will circulate every 2 hours and keep the dish load dry and fresh. The hot air dry is not only for the preserve but in each cleaning cycle to evaporate the water and disinfect the dish load for health.
Safe Operate with 5 Washing Modes:Taking utensil materials and different stains into consideration, this dishwasher offers 5 washing presetting to reach the maximum cleaning effect. The child lock is used to lock the control panel to prevent misoperation by kids or pets. Last but not least, the dishwasher suspends when you open the door during an operation.
A Built-in Dishwasher: Its compact size makes this dishwasher machine an ideal choice for small homes, placing it on the countertop. And it is also a built-in dishwasher, fitting under the cabinet to save valuable counter spaces. You will need to make room of 21.8”-22” x 21.7” x 17.9”-18” (L x W x H), in order to insert it and a hole of 2.36” x 2.36” to place the drainage pipe.

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MaterialStainless steel, steel, PP, glass
Product dimension21.7" x 19.7" x 17.7"(L x W x H)
Water pressure5.8-145 PSI
Inlet water temperature≤120 °F
Related voltageAC 120 V
Current frequency60 Hz
Related power870 W
Water-proof levelIPX1
Power cord length59"
Injection pipe59"
Drain pipe79"
Capacity6 place setting
Net weight46 lbs
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Lighten up your dirty dish load with this dishwasher machine.


It is easy and safe to operate the dishwasher with an LED control panel, on which you can choose from 5 washing programs, a 24 H timer, child lock, and more. Easy understandable icons and indicators will reflect the state of this dishwasher. This dishwashing machine has top and lowers spinning spray arms to pump the water through 28 ports for all-degree cleaning. Despite its compact countertop size, it has a roomy basket and a cutlery rack for 6 sets of 72 pieces of dish loads and special closets for rinse add and dishwasher cleaner. Besides, it can also be inserted into a cabinet. And the dishwasher does more than just rinse off the grease, it also dries and sterilizes the dishes with a 153°F hot air function. Combined with that function, the plugged machine derives a 72 H preserve function, which means the hot air circulates from time to time to keep the dish load dry and fresh.


If you are looking for a dishwasher machine like this, do not hesitate to place an order!


  • DOE & ETL certified countertop and built-in dishwasher
  • Insert space: 21.8"-22" x 21.7" x 17.9"-18" (L x W x H), drainage pipe hole size: 2.36" x 2.36".
  • A ferrule to lock the drainpipe and a sucker to prevent twisting
  • Built-in LED lamp for easy observation automatically lights up when the door is opened
  • 2 spinning spray arms with 26 water ports provide the maximum cleaning effect
  • 3 layers filtration system can easily filter large residues
  • Built-in rinse agent dispenser helps to minimize water spotting on dishes
  • 6 place setting capacity accommodates dish up to 72 pieces, neat placing with a cutlery basket
  • Child safety lock for safe operation
  • Tableware basket with wheels at the bottom for moving easily
  • The Hot air function includes drying and disinfecting the tableware
  • 72 H preservation for temporary storage
  • 5 washing programs for a variety of washing needs


13 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • W

    Hooking up dishwasher


    The threads on supply hose did not match up with USA! Had to buy an installation kit 20 bucks so be prepared to spend more,otherwise works great!

  • K

    Everything cokes out spotless


    Pros: It's slick looking It cleans very well Quiet Fits in the same space a dish rack does Easy hook up Easy controls Cons: Doesn't fit tall items like knives, or kitchen utensils. Takes away the ability to utilize the kitchen sink while it's running Hoses are long and not adjustable to length. Overall I am pretty happy with the purchase.

  • K



    Easy to instal and use. V ERY HAPPY WITH IT

  • R

    Es un excelente aparato.


    I bought this countertop dishwasher and it arrived early, which I celebrated. It is very effective, the plates, cups, glasses, knives, cutlery, and others were very well cleaned. I was a little worried as I put it in ECO mode (2:25) but the fan continued to work. I was waiting for some sign that it was finished and it didn't.

  • R

    Es un excelente aparato.


    To avoid what happened to me with this dishwasher, you want to make sure you don't put anything in the front left corner because if you do, the detergent compartment won't open all the way and there will be detergent residue.


  • Q:
    What is the tallest dish that I can fit in the machine?
    The largest tableware size is 10 inches.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    What can I do if it keeps giving off 3 different codes,keeps falting saying no water pressure?
    Please remove the end of the water inlet pipe connected to the machine, turn on the faucet and let the water out to see if the water flow from the water pipe into the machine is not normal. Please do not connect the water inlet pipe to the dishwasher,  connect it to the faucet to test the water flow of the water inlet pipe. If the water is normal, then the problem is that the dishwasher flowmeter is faulty, we will send a new flowmeter to you to help you replace and repair it..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    What does the rinse aid shortage mean?
    Please check if it ran out of the rinse? If yes, please add some rinse and try the machine again..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    The screen shown E03
    Please don't add hot water to the machine and don't put the dishes at where is lack of water. This will result in insufficient hot water in the dishwasher. .
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Soap door will not open during wash cycle. The first wash the door never opened on for the soap and the pod inside was still sealed and intact. On the second wash the door popped up a bit but not all the way to release the soap pod.
    Can you please try to troubleshoot in the following ways? Pull the bowl basket out of the machine, run the program of empty washing and confirm whether the distributor is open. If it can be opened, it may be that you put tableware and interfere with the distributor, resulting in the distributor being blocked and unable to open..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Some water and condensation remains in the inside of the dishwasher
    This is normal which won't affect the result..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    How to cancel a program and turn off the unit?
    If you want to close a program after selecting it, you can only turn off the power..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    What is the largest diameter plate that can fit in this dishwasher? Specifically underneath the upper spray bar?
    Hi, it's 10.25 inch.
    Costway representative

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