22000mAH Jump Starter Portable Power Station Air Compressor with LED Light

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Key Features

● 22Ah 12V Powerful Jump Starter: This jump starter has a 22Ah 12V lead-acid battery that can provide 1200 peak amps and 600 instant amps, suitable for 3.0L gasoline cars and 2.0L diesel cars. It only takes four steps to start your vehicle, and there are indicators and alarm buzzers to inform you of correct or incorrect connections.
● 200W Continuous Power Inverter: To meet most of your needs, the built-in 200W inverter has AC and DC outlets and USB port, supplying power for 120V household appliances, 12V DC products and 5V USB powered electronics. Therefore, once you are on the way, your mobile phones, car fan, spotlight, car vacuum or other small electronic devices will be well supported.
● 180PSI Air Compressor for Fast Inflating: Designed with 180 PSI high flow air compressor and 3 kinds of inflating nozzles, this jump starter can inflate car tires, basketballs, air beds and other inflatable items. Besides, with a built-in pressure gauge, you can check the tire pressure with ease.
● Emergency Saver with Light: The battery booster is equipped with an LED light to illuminate the engine compartments and tires in the dark. And if you're camping in the wild, it can also act as a flashlight in case of emergencies. In addition, the jump starter also has indicator light to show you the battery status.
● Portable Power Station for All Situations: The compact jump box is lightweight and portable. It can be stored in your car trunk to assist you whenever and wherever. What's more, it has a convenient handle for you to carry anywhere. Whether you are home or on a trip, the power station will be a good help.

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ColorBlack, Orange
MaterialABS, PP
Overall Dimensions11" x 8" x 9.5" (L x W x H)
Net Weight20lbs
Amps600A cranking amps, 1200A peak amps
Battery TypeLead-acid battery 12V 22AH
Charging Cable Length22"
Inflating Cable Length20.5"
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This portable power station is a must for every driver! It is professionally designed with a 200W inverter, a 180PSI air compressor and a bright LED light to save you whenever your vehicle's battery goes dead or needs a jump.


What's more, the versatile jump starter has multiple power supply options, including AC & DC sockets and USB port, to power most commonly-used vehicle appliances and mobile equipment, such as car fridges, car vacuum cleaners, mobile phones and more. To make it super safer for anyone to use, the jump box will intelligently detect mis-connections and short circuits and alarm you with indicators and sound. And with its portable features, the power pack will be there with you on every trip.


If you are looking for a portable power station like this, do not hesitate to place an order!


  • Multipurpose jump box is designed to start vehicles with 12V batteries
  • 22Ah 12V lead-acid rechargeable battery can provide 1200 Peak Amps
  • A full battery can start gasoline cars about 20 times, diesel cars 10 times
  • Equipped with AC/DC outlets and USB port for charging most appliances
  • 180PSI air compressor quickly inflates car tires, airbeds, paddle boards, etc.
  • Built-in LED light serves as emergency lighting for operating in dark
  • Warn you of reversed connection with indicator and buzzing sound
  • Easy-read pressure gauge help you check the tire pressure
  • Compact size and convenient handle make it easy to store and carry


6 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • F

    3 months in and won’t fully charge


    I purchased this unit 3 months ago and have used it a few times since. I followed directions and charged it regularly after every use if jumping a vehicle or every 30 days if it was not in use. My wife needed a jump start yesterday and low and behold the battery was lit up orange (almost dead). I chalked it up to forgetting to charge perhaps (I charge after every use). Charged it for an hour till the light was green and tried to use it again - same outcome, the light indicator is orange. I let it charge overnight, but still it appeared to light up green when plugged in until I unplugged it and the indicator changed to orange. I reached out to the seller to see what happens now as I haven’t had this unit long.

  • K

    Perfect peace of mind with versatility


    This is probably the most versatile, useful purchase I have made in a long time, tbh. I primarily bought it because my car decided not to start on the one day no one in the house was home, and the neighbor brought over this portable jumper and told me to take it to work with me that night just in case. Let me say what a peace of mind it is to even HAVE one in the vehicle. This was able to jump the car and has alarms to let me know when there's misconnection or poo connection (important since my mind doesn't work right after a 16 hr nightshift). There is a super bright LED light on it too to illuminate the engine compartment if it's being jumped in the dark, or to throw light on the tire if it needs pumped or changed. I know this because I also had a slow leak and it was going to take me two days to get a new tire orders (specialty sizes are TERRIBLE for replacement) and this little portable station worked like a boss to pump me up in the parking lot so I didn't have to hunt down a gas station and hope for free air. It is a little on the heavy side, but that means it feels sturdy to me and when I have it in the engine compartment, it stays in place when I'm maneuvering around the cords and all. We've also taken this in the camper so that our little portable outdoor fridge can be powered on outside for our beverages lol. Makes for a handy back up cell phone charger too since the kids ALWAYS forget their battery packs. It's just so versatile and the peace of mind of having it in the car when I work late shifts and nothing is open cannot be talked about enough!

  • S

    life saver for me


    This is a game changer! My 2017 Subaru Outback has never let me down. Last week, I needed my car to be jump-started. The other guy took out a different brand of charger and promptly jumped my car. But I was planning to get it because it had both positive and negative ratings. Well, I came upon this charger with excellent reviews, and everyone is correct. Get yourself a charger!! My car was charged twice yesterday evening, and both times it started straight up. Overnight, I charged it. Then their charger was not charged at the car location. So, our charger worked perfectly! The car immediately flipped over. One for myself and one for my adult daughter were purchased. This charger is something I'm telling everyone about. Just....BUY IT

  • W

    Jump Starter


    All the features I've used on this work fine (air compressor, AC charger) I have not needed to jump start a dead battery at this time. And that is the main reason I bought it. Hopefully that feature will work as good as the rest. Her car's battery seems to die completely with no warning every couple years. And even though we have emergency road side service coverage on the car insurance; Having to wait with a disabled car until a tow truck arrives is what I wanted to avoid with this unit

  • J

    easy to use


    This unit has a built in light, air compressor, 3-3v usb ports, which can power or charge a phone or other device, a a/c outlet, again for a lower wattage item such as a light, radio, or fan. These are in addition to, what i feel is the biggest draw, a 1200 W battery charger and jump starter. I tested this unit by completely draining the 12v battery on a very cold 1990 Ford F-150 with a 5.4 L engine. When the battery would not even support the lights to come on, I attached the charger/starter to the battery, set the unit in 'start' mode and the unit started the vehicle immediately! While i would NOT recommend discharging a battery in this manner, the test given shows that the unit has enough power to do what the Everstart Jump Starter/Charger says it will do and do it in fine order


  • Q:
    Is this safe to store inside my vehicle?
    The item can be put in your car. But please do not expose it to the sun, and have it charged every three months..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    how do you charge the box
    It have a charging wire come with package.
    Costway representative

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