7-in-1 Inflatable Giant Water Park Bouncer with Dual Climbing Walls and 735W Blower

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Key Features

● Optional Water Park or Bouncer: In summer, the water bounce house will be a refreshing water park when connecting the hose. Besides, the sprinkler on the top side of the water slide keeps the sliding surface slippery continuously while the splash pool and dual water cannon enable children to experience a wonderful splashing water party in the backyard.
● 7-in-1 Design for Endless Fun: THis inflatable water slide is a perfect combination of functions and entertainment, including long slide, jumping area, dual climbing wall, large splash pool, dual water cannon, and basketball rim, which bring endless fun of various of games to your kids. This 7-in-1 bounce house gives kids a happy childhood and keeps them away from electronic games.
● More Durable and Secure Water Park: High quality 420D + 840D oxford cloth reduces the risks of puncture and better prevents the inflatable water park from wearing and tearing. Plus, fine sewing further enhance durability. Other than that, the jumping area is surrounded by ventilated mesh wall to prevent kids falling to the ground.
● Hassle-free Inflation and Easy Storage: Equipped with a powerful 735W blower, the water slides inflatables for kids and adults can complete inflation process in a few minutes. When not in use, you can deflate the water park and store it in the carrying bag, which takes up only a little space for storage and portability.
● A Complete Set of Accessories: The package includes 8 ground stakes, 1 hose, 1 inflatable basketball, 1 hand pump, 10 repair patches, 750W blower and 1 carrying bag. You can firmly fixed the water slide to the ground with stakes. (Note: suitable for 5 kids adged 3-12 years old to play together, max. weight capacity on inflatable part: 330 lbs, individual weight limit: 66 lbs)

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ColorBlue, green, orange
Material420D+840D oxford cloth
Overall dimensions191" x 142" x 82.5" (L x W x H)
Pool size175" x 63" (L x W)
Jump house size57" x 55" (L x W)
Recommended age3-12 years old
Max. player number5
Max. weight on inflatable part330 lbs
Individual weight limit66 lbs
Net weight46 lbs
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-Long slide, trampoline, dual climbing wall and basketball rim for sports entertainment
-The splash pool and dual water cannon bring a cool summer to your kids
-Jumping area iis surrounded by breathable mesh wall for great protection
-Premium oxford cloth with fine sewing is waterproof, anti-tear and wear-resistant
-Easy to inflate in a few minutes with a powerful blower
-Colorful appearance and multiple playing areas give kids a happy childhood
-Accommodate 5 children aged 3-12 years old to play together
-Wet and dry use for playing in the backyard, lawn, amusement park, etc
-The stakes help you firmly fix the bounce house to the ground
-Comes with a carrying bag for easy storage and transportation
1. The product needs a constant supply of air from the blower (which inevitably produces some noise). It is normal that some air (bubbles) to come from the fabric surface and seams.
2. It is normal that some water leaks from the edge of the splashing pool.
3. Please make sure the product is completely dry before storage.
4. Please keep it in a dry and ventilated place when not in use.


20 Reviews

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    Early Review

    It’s day 1, but the size is perfect and material feels heavy enough. My daughter is 4 and 3’5” and the slide and climbing walls are perfect. The bounce house portion is a little small, but just as I expected. It could fit 2 kids bouncing, but there are plenty of other things to do. 750w blower is plenty!

  • O

    Kids LOVE it and inflates quickly. Challenging to dry before packing away... Allow some time

    When we purchased the Bountech Sweet House (Model: 8266) a year or two ago, our children loved playing with it in our backyard. However, despite the great opportunities it afforded for parents to interact with the kids, it was unbearable to play under the hot sun when no shade was available. My wife and I sought out a bounce house that could also serve as a water playground, and we looked at MANY with varying price ranges. We ultimately decided to get another Bountech -- this time with a Pool. PROS - TONS of fun playing due to a variety of interconnected play spaces -- Jumping area -- Smaller, adjacent play zone that can be filled with plastic balls -- Long, tall, curved slide (accessed via a wall that's climbable for children aged 4+) --- Water feature to turn it into a waterslide -- Inflated throughout to keep kids from hitting the ground, except for the pool and play zones -- Climbing wall was made of a more solid cloth material than the rest of the Castle for better longevity - Can accommodate 3-5 children (manual recommends ages 3-10) -- Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs -- Manual advises kids to be no more than 100 lbs, though I was able to lay in the jump area just fine at 200 lbs --- I was also able to go onto the slide, though barely. The top of the slide did collapse backwards on me once and only slowed because it was staked down - Feels and looks sturdy and well made - Mesh netting on all sides of the jumping area keeps children safely inside - Very easy to set up -- Inflates quickly (in exactly 36 seconds!) -- Deflates fairly quickly (within 5 minutes) and folds somewhat compact - More economical than rentals because you would own it after a few uses - Powerful Air Blower included -- Rated at 115V (6.5A) = 735W (1 HP) -- Blower can be operated off a battery power station -- Using about 700W, bouncer could last for approximately: --- 80 minutes with Jackery Explorer 1000 --- 2 hours with Goal Zero Yeti 1500x -- Weight: about 51 lbs (bounce house 35 lbs, air blower 14 lbs) - Can be used indoor and outdoor, though our house is not nearly big enough for it inside -- Grassy/soft area is recommended, but if used on concrete, be sure to remove any sharp objects that could potentially puncture the bouncer -- Caution: Be aware that the bounce house should be staked down to prevent tipping, ESPECIALLY the slide area! - Storage bag for the bounce house is included, though not for the air blower -- Bag is solid and sufficiently large - Included accessories -- Stakes to hold down the bouncy house -- Repair kit -- Tubes for connecting to a waterhose or outlet - Manual was easy to understand Note: I did not yet test the water feature as I did not want to spend time drying the bounce house. However, from past experience, I do know that they dry fairly quickly under the sun by tilting the whole product slightly for water to pool in one spot. I then wipe that area as dry as possible and let the sun do its thing before deflating and putting away. CONS - Takes more time to clean, dry, and put away when using water, especially the hoses - Electric plug does NOT have an ALCI circuit breaker to shut off power in a ground-fault event -- You should keep the blower away from anything that could catch on fire or get it wet in any way (ironically, the product is a waterpark) - Initial investment is pricey, but becomes worthwhile in the long run without having to rent one - Top of slide could tip over if 2 or more kids (or a heavy adult like me) occupy that space -- Underscores need to stake down the slide to prevent bounce house from tipping over - One or two more loops should have been added to the pool area to stake down with to keep bounce house from sliding towards the air blower - Product is somewhat heavy at 51 lbs (35 lbs bounce house + 14 lbs air blower) - Deflated bounce house can take up a lot of space -- You have to really squeeze every bit of air out so it would become compact enough - Requires constant, adult supervision so children play responsibly and bouncer would not fail in a serious way - Air blower uses a lot of power at 700W (but keeps the bounce house firmly and safely inflated) - May be too large for some areas with its humongous 15.9′ x 11.8′ x 7.2′ size TIPS - Always stake down these parts: -- Bounce house so it would not tip over or get easily blown away by strong gusts of wind --- Children pinned under a bounce house could suffocate and be seriously injured (or worse!) -- Air blower so it would not overturn and overheat --- Blower must continuously be running. Bouncer’s seams will let small amounts of air out to ensure it would not overinflate -- Slide could tip over if heavier children climb up onto it WARNING: Always, always stake down the bounce house and air blower to minimize risk of serious injury! - Supervise children at ALL times -- A bounce house could cause serious injury! -- Caution: Do NOT let children play in the bouncer when it is not fully inflated - Have children take their shoes off when playing in the bounce house SETUP - Sweep the area for any sharp objects - Unfold the bounce house over a flat (preferably soft, yet sturdy) ground - Attach the yellow hose to the air blower and ensure it is velcroed tight -- Check that blower has sufficient clearance all around it --- Keep it away from anything that could catch on fire or get it wet -- Secure the blower with 4 stakes Caution: Make sure the air blower is secured to the ground with stakes to minimize the risk of tipping over! - Plug in the blower and turn it on -- Ensure the yellow hose has no kinks (having it be straight will ensure maximum air flow) - Once the bouncer has fully inflated (takes about 33 seconds), secure it with the 4 included stakes - Move the air blower as needed to ensure the yellow hose has no kinks - Let the blower run continuously - Bouncer will let small amounts of air out to ensure it would not overinflate Caution: Air hose should have NO kink so that maximum air flow keeps bounce house firm TEARDOWN - Caution: Ensure NO CHILDREN are still in the bounce house -- Double check this! Kids pinned inside/under a bouncer could suffocate to death! - If WATER was used, tilt the product from the bouncer side so water escapes from the pool area -- Be SURE to not let any water escape towards the air blower! -- Continue tilting until most of the water has pooled into one spot. Wipe it dry and let the sun continue drying the product - Once dry, turn off the air blower and unplug it from the AC outlet - Bouncer will deflate on its own within minutes - Fold the bouncer length-wise in half, squeezing any remaining air out -- Fold in half again and again (length-wise) until the width is the same as the carry bag -- Roll it while squeezing every bit of air out -- Tie the rolled bounce house to keep it from re-inflating or unfolding - Clean the stakes Tip: Bounce house must be fully deflated, rolled up tightly, and tied in order for it to fit in the included carry bag CONCLUSION The Bountech Waterslide was a good investment. I expected my kids to love this one over all the others I had previously purchased, and they did indeed. Adding water into the mix would certainly increase the fun level by multiple factors, and I cannot wait until the time I will be able to set that up for them. As it stands, it had been fun on its own without the water feature. Its dimensions fit our backyard perfectly, and seeing the children enjoy themselves during this pandemic has helped bring some normalcy into their lives when playgrounds all have been shut down for some time. More importantly, it should be able to provide much-needed relief from the hot, summer sun once I put water into play. Nothing brings my wife and I more joy than seeing our kids laugh and smile their hearts out as they bounce around, slide down, and chase one another.

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    Best slide!

    Absolutely best purchase of the summer! We don’t have a pool and got this for our 3 year old and 16 month old and they both love this! It’s very sturdy. I know there’s a weight limit but we had several kids (12 months to 8 years old) on it at once and it’s holding up great! Plus the bounce house on the side is awesome! It’s expensive but definitely worth the money!

  • T

    Great time for the kids.

    Great bounce house for our children and neighborhood children to play on together. Has held up pretty well so far. One small rip (1/4”) in the slide probably caused by a snag from the kid’s clothes, but the supplied patches should fix it right up. It’s a little awkward getting it folded back up after use and deflation, but overall well worth it money spent.

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    Fantastic fun!

    We bought this bounce house/water slide for our Fourth of July party and other times. This was a GREAT hit for all the kids we had. There were kids ages 4-12 who utilized this ALL day yesterday. They had a blast mostly with the slide portion but it occupied them for HOURS. We are so pleased with how it held up to some rambunctious kids, even when they all piled in on the top it didn’t quit! We cannot wait to utilize this for more cookouts this summer.



  • Q:
    Does the blower run the whole time or just to fill this pool water slides up?
    You need keep the blower turning on while your kids playing inside this bouncer.
    Costway representative


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