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Furniture is an essential thing to maintain a normal life. There are many types of furniture distinguished by category, room, style, material, and purpose. As of the 21st century, whether living in urban or rural areas has become indispensable in people’s lives. Appliances.

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The types of furniture are very rich and can be divided into chairs, sofas, beds, tables.

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Functional furniture, it is divided into several categories: office furniture, outdoor furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, study furniture, children's furniture, dining room furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen and bathroom furniture (equipment), and auxiliary furniture.

Furniture Styles

According to the furniture style, it can be divided into modern furniture, post-modern furniture, European classical furniture, American furniture, Chinese classical furniture, neo-classical furniture, new decorative furniture, Korean garden furniture, Mediterranean furniture.

Furniture Materials

According to the materials used, the furniture is divided into solid wood furniture, soft furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture, metal furniture, wooden furniture, plastic furniture, vitreous furniture.Without perfect furniture, the house cannot provide you with a comfortable space, so we should carefully choose every piece of furniture so that you and your family can fully enjoy every minute of happiness.


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