Freestanding Top Loading Water Dispenser with Built-In Ice Maker

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Key Features

● Elegant Sleek Design: This water dispense will look classy in your home, office or any public space. It has a sleek design yet it is super powerful and it’s built to last for many years.
● Tri-Temp Water Cooler: This water dispenser features a Tri-temp push button faucet making it easy to dispense cold, hot and room-temperature water. Near boiling hot water is great for instant beverages and meals.
● Control Panel and LED Indicators: It is easy to use the control panel to start making ice, hot or cold water. LED indicators let you see at a glance whether the water dispenser is on or off and whether it's heating, cooling or making ice.
● Child Safety Lock: It is equipped with a child safety lock on the hot water spout, so the entire family can use it worry-free. This user-friendly security lock on the hot water faucet can prevent accidental burns.
● Top Loading Dispenser: This water dispenser loads from the top and allows you to spot if the dispenser is running out of water, which is a great feature for office settings.

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  • Color: Silver/Black/White
  • Net weight: 40 lbs
  • Power source: 115 V 60 Hz
  • Ice making capacity: 27 lbs/24h
  • Cool water capacity: 4 L/hour
  • Hot water capacity: 5 L/hour
  • Ice storage capacity: 4 lbs
  • Ice making time: 6-14 Min
  • Overall dimension: 12" x 14" x 39" (L x W x H)
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Water dispenser with built-in ice maker

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This multi-function water dispenser with a built-in ice maker brings the convenience of a refreshing water dispenser and a filtered ice maker together into a single elegant and economical appliance.

It features a tri-temp push button faucet making it easy to dispense cold, hot, and room-temperature water. The user-friendly control panel and led indicator make it easy to operate. The built-in ice maker can make 9 bullet ice cubes as little as 7 minutes. Led indicators to make it easy to see whether the water dispenser is on or off and whether it's heating, cooling or making ice. It fits in almost any space and provides your room with a stylish accent.

Don't you want such a functional water dispenser? Just buy it!


  • Classic appearance in your home, office or any public space
  • User-friendly control panel to start making ice, hot or cold water
  • Equipped with a child safety lock on the hot water spout
  • Built-in ice maker is able to make up to 27lbs per day
  • Can make 9 bullet ice cubes at a time in 6-14 minutes
  • Anti-rust drip tray is easy to clean


127 Reviews

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Frequent Mentions

  • K

    Poorly made


    When i purchased the product it appeared to be a great idea because I don't drink water. It came and I heard a buzzing noise and it took a minute to make ice and get the water cold. I unplugged the unit to reset it and that appeared to fix it. The warning light was blinking on and off so I unplugged it again. Long story short, it doesn't work and there is no repair person to fix the unit and nowhere to get parts if you need it. Also it is a fire Hazzard. This product should be on the recall list and everyone who has it should get compensation! I'm highly upset and work hard for my money as we all do so to have us get swindled out of our money is ridiculous! Shame on you COSTWAY!

  • N

    It's a great product, idea!


    This is a great addition to our office. We don't have the plumbing for a traditional ice machine in our new suite. One tip, is to make sure you wash it as instructed. We skimped on that at first, water/ice cubes tasted funny. We cleaned it up and it's great stuff. We've also only had it on for 1 day. I hope it holds!

  • T

    First one bought faulty. Second one is no longer working


    I loved it while it worked. The first one that was sent was faulty. The second one was loud but worked for awhile. However, it no longer makes ice.

  • J

    Broke after less than 2 years


    I loved this water cooler, other than the occasional black pieces that would come out of my water. I purchased this is July 2020 and now May 2022 the cold and ice maker are both broken. No idea what happened or how to fix it. Not worth the $400 price tag for less than two years of use.

  • S

    The ice feature is the best.


    This unit is nice. It makes ice quickly. Gives me cold water, gives me hot water. Even gives me room temp water. Never had a leaking issue. I did make sure everything was tightened up though before using. The key is making sure the ice light is on or blinking. It's not a freezer compartment. The ice will melt. I think most people complaining have their units in a hot environment. I run my central air (heat in the winter) year round. I've had very little melting.


  • Q:
    What can I do if it does not make cold water or ice? Lights are on.
    No ice making: It takes a long time to make ice for the first time, which takes about 20 minutes. After turning on the ice making button, the ice indicator will keep beating. Please do not turn on the heating and cooling buttons at this time, as this will cause ice making Slow down (the machine will execute the heating command first), indicator light flashes to indicate that it is in progress, the warning light flashes , and there may be a problem with the product .
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Water is running into the ice compartment from above.
    During the ice making process, water will continue to flow down. This is a normal pre-water storage process. The water will not be wasted and will enter the next cycle..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    The water overfill the tray, and continues to run into the bottom of the machine.
    The machine is hydrating. There is a water tank below. Once the water tank have enough water, it will stop..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    The middle faucet has a constant drip.
    Please press it more times. The axis inside maybe a little bit off or the rebound did not bounce up..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    The item arrived, it is upside down,due to it is an appliance that has refrigerant in it and the product clearly states that it needs to stay upright, whether there are any precautions should take
    It needs to remain upright for 24 hours before being turned on. .
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    The heating function is not working properly.
    After the water is heated, the lamp will stay on, and after the water temperature drops, the lamp will start to flicker and continue to heat. So will the hot water lamp be flashing all the time?.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    It does make cold water but it will not make any ice. Where can I check?
    First, you need to make sure that if the warn light is on or not. If it's on, it means there's not enough water to make ice.The second step is to unplug the power cord plug, push the ice-making box to the bottom, plug in the power cord plug, and try again to see if the plastic box will turn over, if it can not turn over, it is stuck.When the ice-making box is the normal position,the machine will come out of the water and fall into the box.When the ice-making is finished, the box will turn over..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Is the temperature of the dispenser cold water is adjustable? and what is the temperature of the cold water?
    The temperature of the cold water cannot be adjusted. The temperature range is 6 to 10 degrees Celsius..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Is it compatible with 3 gallon water bottles?
    Yes, you can use 3 gallon water bottles..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Does this take a 5 gallon water bottle?
    Yes. The product can take the water bottle in 3-5 gallon..
    Costway representative
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