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1. What is this project about?

Costway has been trying its best to provide more options to home lovers seeking the perfect balance between extravagance and elegance in their space. This project is meant to create more possibilities by constantly working with different potentially talented interior designers. Unlike other experiences you usually have at, you'll have a chance to fund some brilliant and work-in-process ideas, becoming one of the very first owners of the products!

2. What is the difference between paying for the funding items on this page and other regular items from

No matter what items you decide to purchase, going through the checking process is a MUST, meaning you still need to pay for the price marked on the page of the items, including the funding products that are still waiting for the funding goal to be achieved to come into the manufacturing process. In this case, there is no 100% guarantee that you will eventually get the item if pay for it and the funding project does not reach its goal and fails. However, what Costway could guarantee is that you would get all your money back if somehow the funding item does not happen, plus other extra surprises would be rewarded to show our apology! You are free to refund your spending at any time if the order is not shipped out, no extra cost would be charged in this case.

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