If you own a website and would like to make your website profitable, you can apply to become an affiliate partner through an affiliate network (we use Rakuten). Then, as an affiliate of, you can download our banners, text ads, coupons and place links on Rakuten(Linkshare) and upload these on your website. When your visitors click these links to and place an order within 15 days, you can receive our at least 4% commission of the order value. Sometimes, we would also launch some kind of special deals and promotions with a higher commission rate to increase your revenue in our program.


Earn up to 6% commission per sale
15-day cookie
Variety of text links and banners
Reliable third-party tracking (Rakuten)
Monthly commission checks


Costway with a wide selection of ultimate products is growing to be one of the top retailers in the United States, Canada and Europe. We provide plenty of choices from home and garden furniture to sports equipment and hardware. Joining our affiliate program provides you with countless opportunities to earn additional revenue.

HOW DO YOU GET STARTED? has partnered with Rakuten to provide our affiliates with convenient and dynamic affiliate program options. Become a Costway
affiliate by applying Rakuten today.

1. Already have an account with Rakuten (Linkshare) publisher?


Our wholesalers are not allowed to take part in Rakuten Affiliate Program and we will not pay the commission of the wholesalers' orders.
Once we find out that most of your orders are from our wholesalers, we would consider terminating your account from our program and
deny any payouts that you’ve inquired. All transaction data would be available for your reference in case you have any questions.

We will not pay commission which is generated by private coupon codes or any other special activities which are not uploaded or provided
on Rakuten (LinkShare). The commissions will not be double counted if we have signed a contract for paid advertisement beside Rakuten Linkshare.


For more information and any further questions please contact [email protected]..


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