Reward Point

1.How to get reward points

1) Earn points after paying for the order. Regular members get 1x points as the order amount, while Costway Plus+ members can get 2x points.

2) Complete the reward points tasks to get responding reward points.

• Install Costway APP +100

• Complete Questionnaire +100

• Complete phone number verification +50

• Write review +100 (Extra 100 Points with Image)

• Follow Costway Facebook/Instagram/Twitter +50

3) Costway's subscription email and official FB/IG/Twitter is irregularly going to select lucky users for sending large points.

4) Costway Plus+ members have the chance to draw random points through the prize wheel, prize wheel can be founded in the personal center.

5) Costway will launch more creative events to help users get more reward points, please follow the newest Costway feeds, once the new event has been launched, you'll get a chance to be the lucky user.

2.Where you can spend points

1) Costway reward points can be used to cover the order (40 points = $1), each order is available for up to 1000 points used.

2) Redeem free items or extra vouchers.

3) Used to spin the lucky wheel. The prize includes some Costway best-selling items, digital products, and the most useful prize, large coupons/reward points.

3.Reward points using restriction

1) Each order is available to use up to 1000 points ($25) to cover the amount of money you pay.

2) Reward points will be sent to your account after order completed. Once you request a refund, the corresponding points will automatically return.

3) The points policy is not available for authorized dropshippers, business partners, large order group members. As of April 1, 2023, the points of those users' accounts will be emptied.

4) Some of the special items cannot be covered by reward points, including the clearance label items and the Costway Plus+ Exclusive items. Learn more about coupon usage

5) Reward points will be sent to your account after the order is completed. The points used for shopping will be automatically returned to your account when you cancel the order. However, if you request for refund, the corresponding gift points will be taken back after your refund request is completed, and the points that have been used in this order will not be returned.


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