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Perfect Modern Electric Fireplace for your House

You won't believe our dancing flame is electric! The Costway multi-function electric fireplaces blend excellent quality and elegant style. Realistic dancing flame effects, log and crystal decoration provide a virtual log cabin vibe. The new LED system is available for most demands of party or family gatherings, with different colors of fire providing realistic flames and 3D visual effects. Wall-mounted and built-in high-power electric heaters that are not only safe but provide warm air in winter, the Costway electric fireplace is supposed to be the right choice for any family!


Most of Costway's electric fireplaces come with two heat levels and some of them can run at a fixed range of temperature with a specific setting, which not only allows you to adjust the temperature to get warmth for the living room but also assure you enjoy flame light and smooth temperature within sleeping. Double-controlling design-touch control and remote control access you to modify temperature if you decide to stay in bed on a cold winter night.


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