700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil Filled Radiator Heater

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700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil Filled Radiator Heater 700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil Filled Radiator Heater


This electric oil-filled radiator can heat any room of the house with powerful performance and provides warmth during cold times.


This heater is adjustable at different temperatures according to your needs. Equipped with permanently sealed oil, this radiator heats your room highly efficiently. The built-in carry handle is convenient for moving between rooms, and its compact shape is ideal for storage. It is quiet and will never bother you when you fall asleep or focus on your work. I t is well known that heater is an incredible helper for cold resistance in winter, and this unique designed heater will help you go through this hard time easily.


If you are looking for such a product, don't hesitate to buy it!


  • With mechanical control, you can adjust the temperature to meet your different needs
  • Portable design with a built-in handle offers convenience for moving
  • You can set a constant temperature when you feel comfortable at that time
  • Overheating protection system guarantees you and your family safety
  • The power indicator light reminds you that the heater is still turned on
  • Silent operation ensures it won't bother you from sleeping or working


229 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • B

    Does its job nicely


    Heats the room nicely. Remember to close the door to keep heat in! Also, allow plenty of time for oil to heat up.

  • M

    Amazing Bug Exploding Machine


    This is quite a bug zapper. I use these outside, under the eaves of my shed, because they are more effective than the Flotron models we had in the past. I have another model which looks similar to the LIBA, which quietly zaps mosquitos and small moths, which build up on the electrical grid. The LIBA is powerful. Could there some variation of voltage in these? Not all reviewers have the same experience. What I would say about ours is it is loud when a bug gets zapped, kind of like a small firecracker going off, and there is a pretty big blue spark. The grid stays fairly clear, just a few moths in it, but there are numerous small bug parts- wings and legs and so on This is literally blowing up some of the small bugs, likely because the electricity heats up the moisture in their bodies very quickly. I was out there tonight checking the grid and a small bug flew in and was caught in the grid- there were tiny arcs of electric on it for a second, and then POP!! It was gone, just gone. It didn't fall down into the collecting tray, it exploded. It happens a lot, and it's kind of fascinating. For our purposes, using it under the eaves of the shed eliminates a lot of mosquitoes from the yard, which is great. It would be hard to imagine using it indoors, because the zaps are so loud, they are kind of startling even when you're standing outside. It freaks the cats out. But it works. I'm not complaining, but the power really does seem kind of extreme, and makes me wonder if ours is putting out a little extra voltage, because I haven't ever seen a zapper actually explode bugs until now.

  • J

    Use in my well house


    I use this in my well house in the winter to keep my well above freezing. The built-in temperature sensor is great, because it only flips the unit on when it gets too cold, which is saving me a ton of money. I've gone from $80 per month down to $30 per month in electricity charges.

  • L

    Great little heater


    Really puts out the heat in our large bathroom—yet doesn’t take up a lot of space.

  • W

    Perfect size


    Great size for moving from room to room. Works really well


  • Q:
    Hi. I am considering this Mini Electric Oil Filled radiator for my bird room. I just need to make sure it does not contain any nonstick elements such as PFOA, PTFE, PFAs, etc as they are toxic to birds. Can you confirm this? Thank you!
    It does not contain these elements.
    Costway representative

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