36 x 36 x 72 Inch Plant Growth Tent with Floor Tray

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Key Features

● High Reflective Environment for Plant Growth: The interior of the planting tent is made of 100% highly reflective aluminum film cloth to create a light-absorbing environment and better promote plant photosynthesis. In addition, once the heavy duty zipper is closed, the fully sealed growing tent will create an enclosed environment for your plants to flourish, allowing your plants to thrive.
● Multiple Vents and Observation Window: The built-in multiple round vents can accommodate fan filters of different sizes, and maintain good ventilation and promote air circulation. In addition, simple viewing windows with built-in mesh allow you to easily monitor the plants at any time and keep bugs out.
● Removable Floor Tray and Convenient Storage Bag: The growing tent comes with a detachable waterproof floor tray for collecting spilled soil and fallen leaves, making it easy to remove and clean when dirty. Besides, it has a built-in tool bag, which provides additional space for storing tools and planting accessories.
● High Quality Material and Sturdy Structure: The plant growing tents are protected with double stitching to ensure durability and long-term use. The 600D canvas is waterproof and tear resistant and provides perfect shading. And the tent is supported by sturdy galvanized poles and metal joints, ensuring greater stability.
● Compact Size Suitable for Various Scenarios: The tent measures 36" x 36" x 72", suitable for living room, kitchen, balcony and other indoor places. It is the ideal choice for indoor planting. With it, you can easily grow plants, such as fruits, vegetables or flowers during any required growth cycle.

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MaterialAluminum film cloth, galvanized pipe, PE
Overall dimension36" × 36" × 72" (l x W x H)
Net weight18 lbs

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High Reflective indoor grow tent!


Are you interested in growing flowers or growing your own green food? Our plant growing tent is definitely a good choice. Made of high quality aluminum film cloth, its high reflectivity will create a good light absorbing environment for your plants. In addition, the tent has multiple air vents to facilitate air circulation. And easy-to-open viewing windows are built to help you observe the growth of plants. Besides, there is a easy to move floor tray to collect the spilled soil and fallen leaves, providing much convenience for your cleaning.


Last but not least, this grow tent is compact enough for indoor use, so you can take care of them anytime and anywhere!


  • Highly reflective aluminum film cloth promote plant photosynthesis
  • Removable tray is convenient for you to clean the tent
  • Multiple vents suitable for various sizes of fan filter
  • Storage bag provide additional space for your tools
  • Observation window help you keep an eye of the growth plants
  • Made of sturdy metal frame to ensure high stability
  • Featuring with hanging bars that can holds up to 100lbs


4 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • K

    Blew away my expectations.

    Given how cheap these grow tents are, my expectations weren't exactly sky high. They should have been - I love these tents! (note: I've only had mine for a few days; will update if my view changes) (also note: you only get the tent, not the shelves or lights that I added). There's tons of ports for vents on every side (each with two separate cinches for closing them), and three separate windows (velcro panels over them seal them off well; you can roll them up to leave them open). There's an interior storage bag, and outside velcro tabs to hold the door open if you want. The material is super-reflective and feels durable, and the fit and feel of the outside is very professional, and would blend into any home where black can fit into the colour scheme (do note, however, that the exterior can get dirty and show dirt - but is easy to clean with just a wet sponge or washcloth). Opening the package, there's a lot of care - they wrap it almost like it's a present. When you first put the posts together, it'll fee somewhat flimsy (and I was expecting this). What I didn't expect is that when you put the fabric around it, it tensions it snugly and the structure becomes much sturdier. You could even store (relatively light) objects like cushions or blankets on top if you wanted; it's definitely not going to just collapse. Getting the fabrick over is a bit tricky just because there's so much of it that you can get disoriented if working on your own. Just remember that the costway logo goes at the top front right, and work from there. I didn't really "get" the removable interior tub at first - the instructions aren't clear, and it doesn't really seem to have any "form" to it, no nature to inherently stay square. And there were velcro tabs on the corners that didn't seem to do any purpose. Until I suddenly realized (a day after I first set it up) that the velcro tabs can be fed around the posts in the corners, wherein the whole bottom attaches snugly and forms a nice square basin. The two crossbeams on the top give you a sturdy mount for hanging lights (or anything else, such as ducts and fans). Indeed, I just simply fed my light's mounting arms straight over the lower pole rather than bothering to bring their adjustable ropes into the picture, to get it as high up as possible. With a 200W VIVOSUN VS2000 light inside, one top vent open, and two side vents open on the same side (in the narrow channel between my two tents), temperature is usually 28-30,5°C, vs. a home temperature of 22-23°C, and humidity is generally hovering in the 50-60% range. Obviously, adding a duct fan or even just opening more vents would reduce both the temperature and humidity, while misting or keeping the bottom tub wet would increase humidity - and it'll obviously depend on your number of plants, type of plants, and how well watered they are. I'm considering setting up a "swamp-cooling" DROP setup to reduce elongation: setting bottom misting on a timer to occur 30-60 minutes before the lights come on, so that evaporative cooling drops the temperature in the tent and on the plants in particular until the water fully evaporates. Given how well-built it is, I have zero concerns about water leakage. Is there anything to complain about? Honestly, the only thing I could think of would be that it's possible to get the zipper somewhat stuck on its liner. If it happens, ust back the zipper way back until it finally comes loose, while assisting it in the process. But honestly, it's been rare enough and non-significant enough it's not worth removing a point over. All in all: seems to be a great tent!

  • V

    Zip is stiff

    Looks great , does the job

  • J

    Nice tent

    Probably the best tent you’ll find for the money. I’ve spent more on lower quality material and workmanship.

  • L

    Nice tent

    It's a very nice tent. The steel frame is sturdy enough to hang the lights from. Only thing is ivwish it had more then just the one door


  • Q:
    are there any shelves to put plants 0n
    This product does not contain shelves for plants.
    Costway representative


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