3-in-1 Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner Cooler with Remote Control for Home

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Key Features

● Not Just a Fan: This air cooler reduces temperature through water evaporation. It can be used as a fan or humidifier. It performs best in hot/dry climates where humidity levels are <50%, and ideal for use in home, office, dormitory, and so on.
● Breathe Cool and Clean Air: The air cooler utilizes a superb honeycomb cooling pad that ensures a high level of cooling. Removable, washable filter and anion generator reduce bacteria, room odors, and other airborne particles for a healthier, more comfortable environment.
● Customize Your Cooling: With a 7.5-hour timer, swing feature, 3 fan modes, and speeds, you have plenty of options to get the perfect level of comfort. It comes with two ice-crystal boxes which can enhance cooling performance.
● Electronic Display and Remote Control: User-friendly LED control panel lets you easily see what speed, mode, and timer option you chose. It also comes with a remote control which enables you to control all the air cooler’s power, timer, and wind settings from anywhere in the room.
● Easy To Move And Storage: The compact and lightweight air cooler is easy to carry and store, and fits discreetly in most spaces. 4 caster wheels make it easy to move your unit from room to room.

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Net weight13.5 lbs
Voltage110V, 60Hz
Timer7.5 hour
Water tank capacity8L
Fan modeNormal/Natural/Sleeping
Fan speedLow/Middle/High
Overall dimension15" (L) x 11.5" (W) x 29" (H)
Air flow215 CFM

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This indoor portable evaporative air cooler can distribute cool and clean air any time you want.


Its non-compressor system cools naturally, efficiently, and inexpensively without power-hungry components. This air cooler is versatile, lightweight, and economical. It can also be used as an air purifier because of its anion generator. The remote control allows you to easily change settings. And this air cooler could easily roll from room to room in your house or office.


If you are looking for an air cooler like that, don't hesitate to buy it.


  • 8 L large water tank
  • Can be used as an air cooler, humidifier, fan, air purifier
  • Ideal for using in home, office, dormitory and so on
  • Utilizes a superb honeycomb cooling pad that ensures a high level of cooling
  • The removable, washable filter prevents bacteria, dust, and other airborne particles
  • Anion purifies and sterilizes air by generating negative ion
  • 7.5-hour timer, swing feature, 3 fan modes, and speeds to customize your cooling
  • 2 ice-crystal boxes enhance cooling performance
  • User-friendly LED light control panel
  • 19.5' far-range remote control, receive at 60-degree wide-angle
  • 4 caster wheels make it easy to move from room to room
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215 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • D


    Our A/C went out and we couldn't get anyone to come look for 2 wks, so we ordered this portable unit and what a lifesaver! It cooled well enough. Of course the closer you are to the unit, the better. It's pretty easy to roll around.

  • J

    Cool Atr

    Too much process to operate

  • N

    Decent cooler for its price range as long as you understand what you're buying.

    As a caveat I bought mine from Walmart for a few bucks cheaper and not here on Amazon but apparently Walmart has frozen new reviews for some inexplicable reason. I like this enough to take the time to write a review so here I am. I bought this to combat the heat my gaming PC puts out into the PC room. Its GPU and CPU when under load cranks out 167F and 140F respectively, so needless to say the room gets hot. I keep the household AC on the mid 70s yet the lowest the room will ever get on the summers is the mid 80s. Obviously I can't just crank the AC lower because not only do I not want to freeze out the rest of the house, it would be really expensive. So if you have windows that opens outwards instead of sliding open and therefor won't accept the hose attachments of portable AC units like I do, or simply don't want to spend that much to buy one, these type of swamp coolers are the next best thing if you live in a low to mid humidity area. Like 40% or below humidity works best. 60+% and these will just act like a fan and will actually makes things feel worse since it will be adding humidity. As to the review itself I'm happy enough with this unit. I bought this after returning a similar priced one I did little research on. From the pics on here and at Walmart I thought I could just unscrew the tank from the shell. lol Nope, took off every screw I could find and still couldn't get it apart. It's vitally important that you get one with a tank you can get to or else you have to drain it like literally about every other day and not the once a week it recommended. I did drain and flush it out to clean it once a week yet smelly gunk was still able to build up, and even a concentrated solution of vinegar and water wouldn't clean it out. And using something like bleach is really not recommended for something that's going to be putting out air. So I returned that one. Having a removable tank is a must have. As shown here in one of the vids in the lol related products category for some reason, there is a vid titled "EP23995 evaporative cooler" that gives a full tear down even down to the wiring, that shows how easy it is to detach and attach the pump to completely remove the tank. For the cooling part this is where you have to understand what you're buying. There is ten zillion different models in this price range all claiming they can cool an X sized room. None of them can. That's marketing garbage. They can't even cool a closet. I literally tried both in my walk in closet. But what they can do is cool YOU, much better than simple fans can. (assuming you're in the right humidity) So if you understand that these are for spot cooling only you aren't going to be as disappointed as so many clearly are from so many reviews. That's not to speak on the more expensive larger models. I'm talking about these that are in the sub 100-150 or so price range. Before I got these kinds even with my ceiling fan and a box fan blowing on me it was still uncomfortably hot. But with this blowing on me I can't tell that it's still in the mid 80s without my desktop thermometer. So it does the job I'm asking from it. Noise wise for the fan this is a pretty unobtrusive model even at the fastest setting of 3. Like you may have to up the volume to the TV but only by a couple of numbers or so. It's quieter than my box fan to give a frame of reference. As to the noise of the water running it is audible. Unlike most evaporative coolers that sends the water up from the bottom to the reservoir that trickles it over the coiling pads, this one sprays water downwards to the trickle holes, so you can hear the sound of the water running. It's not loud and some people may actually enjoy the white noise of it running, but I'd prefer to not hear that myself at all. So the issue was fixed by simply putting two cotton balls under the nozzle so the water isn't just spraying against the plastic that's around in inch below the nozzel. (lol If you do this pay attention to how you place the balls or it can make the water overflow and pour off the side. Ask me how I know. Go on, ask me.... :) ) For the water dripping down into the tank sound once the water has passed though the pad, it comes with a little mesh pad on top of the tank's fill port that breaks up the water flow and mostly takes care of that sound. That being said that will just barely get audible when the tank gets low enough for it to start splashing into it, but it's not something that was loud enough to do anything about like I did with the fill side of things. The tank's two gallon size is enough for me to run it at 7AM to around 9PM before I have to worry about air starting to get sucked through the pump. You really don't want air to be able to get into water pumps because it ends up ruining them. So that's large enough to run it all night without having to worry about it. With the tank slid out too far with water in it it does make it very back heavy so I can picture it easily tipping over backwards if you're not careful. Just something to keep in mind. I just make sure my arm is against the back when pouring in water or I just barely slide the tank out when filling or putting in ice. The two ice packs it gives you were a lot larger than my last one had. But that being said they'll still only last around 45 min before they melt and stop doing their job. But having a tank that can slide out the back makes it really easy to put in a lot of ice. I bought 2 4 chambered 6x3x3 inch soup freezer molds to make big ice blocks that works perfectly for this. It's going to cool a lot better if you cool the water. The build quality is nothing to write home about but that being said it doesn't feel like it's cheap and fragile. It's easy to move around and the two locking casters does a good enough job of keeping it in place. As to the leaking some have reported I haven't had any issues yet in two weeks of using this. I know that can eventually become an issue especially if like me you have really hard water. My last one certainly did. As the pads accumulate mineral scale, instead of soaking in, the water will more easily splash off it. This can be mitigated by simply taking off the pad and pouring water on it in a sink to presoak it before running it. If you leave the screw off the top back and just use the 2 air filter clips to keep the filter and pad in place, it's really fast and easy to take out the pad to presoak it. Then when installed back in and already all wet, when the water trickles over it under normal use, it shouldn't splash out the back anymore. As to the green honeycomb cooling pad in this it's decent enough but there are better options. Home Depot sells a pad for only 15 bucks (I forget the name but they only have that one and a smaller one for 7 dollars for sale there so it'll be easy to find) that will work in this and it has the better layer of around an inch of the honey comb that's running side to side on top of most of it that's running up and down like the entirety of the stock green one does. That layer spreads the water out sideways and makes it easier to soak the entirely of the pad. That being said it's not an exact fit. The Home Depot pad is 2 inches thick and the housing for the green one is only around 1 and 3 quarters inch thick. The overall dimensions aren't exact either. So you'll have to do a bit of cutting. I just took the blade out of a hacksaw and cut it that way with it. Bit of a pain to do it but the results are better with the better pad and at least now you know where to get replacements if you need to since I don't see anywhere you can buy pads just for this. I don't know if the Anion button actually does anything. That's the same function those Ionic breeze type air purifiers use but those desktop models at least do absolutely nothing. I don't know about the bigger versions but I suspect this cooler is going to fall into the same category as those desktop ones. But hey if you're buying this to clean your air and not for cooling you're barking up the wrong tree. But lol that being said it's there so I turn it on. About all I can think of. I'm happy enough with this and might very well buy another for the garage to blow on me when I'm working on something.

  • R

    Cools Well in My Bedroom

    Cools well in my bedroom especially if the cooler is blowing right a me. I'm not sure how much water it uses per hours, but it seems to use more water than my old small portable cooler with a motorized rolling pad.

  • R


    I purchase these has gifts for my daughters. They are enjoying them thank you.


  • Q:
    Where does the water go n do you put the plug in with the water or unplugged Thank you
    The water tank is in the lower part of the back of the machine.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Hello, how can I remove water tray to clean? Thank you.
    Remove the water pump and take out the water tank to pour water.Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFvIP8OnnEU
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Where can I purchase replacements for the filter?
    Please forward your question or concern as well as the order number to our customer support at [email protected]. After order confirmation, our customer support are standing by and ready to help you resolve any issues you may have.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    where can i buy replacement water tank for this?
    Please forward your question or concern as well as the order number to our customer support at [email protected]. After order confirmation, our customer support are standing by and ready to help you resolve any issues you may have.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    How much square footage does this fan cover
    The blowing distance of this fan is about 5-6 metres.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Can I turn off humidity and just use the cooling?
    No, you could not turn off the humidity. As you need to add ice crystal boxes in water tank to make cool wind. When it's in cooling model, it will bring up the water vapor in the tank.
  • Q:
    Do you sell remotes separately
    Unfortunately we don’t sell individual components or pieces for our items separately.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    What battery is used for the remote?
    2 AAA batteries 1.5V
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    How do you let the water out of the tank to clean it?
    You can take the water tank out for clean.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    IS THIS A 120 AMP
    Costway representative
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