18 Inch Rolling Lawn Aerator with Splash-Proof Fender for Garden

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Key Features

Bring New Life to Lawn: With the length of 1.2-inch rolling spikes, you will be able to roll deeper into the ground. As a result, the soil will get loose, making it easy for water, oxygen, and nutrient to diffuse into the soil pores. As time passes by, the grass and plants will grow more rapidly and splendidly.
Equipped with a Protective Shield: The biggest feature of this rolling lawn aerator is the use of a protective shield, which prevents the splash of the mud. Not only will your clothes and shoes remain clean and dry but most importantly your feet will stay safe and unharmed.
High-security and Space-saving Design: It includes 3-piece steel tubular handle sections, which should be connected with a snap-fastener to ensure safety while in use. Also, these sections are very convenient to disassemble, making them easy to store away when not in use.
Labor-Saving and Lightweight Tool: The length of the handle is about 40.5 inches which allows you to operate the aerator without bending down. Also, the width of the spike is 18 inches to increase the extent of soil turning. Thanks to its lightweight design and compact size it is easy to push around even on rough terrain.
Simple to Assemble: To assemble the handle, you only need to connect and tighten the 3 tubes. After that, you can connect the handle to the roller by tightening the fasteners. The whole process takes only a few minutes. Afterward, your lawn aerator is ready for use.

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ColorDark green and silver
MaterialSteel, rubber, pp
Overall dimension17" x 8" x 50" (L x W x H)
Splash guard dimension13" x 7" (L x W)
The diameter of wheel6"
Length of nail1.2"
Net weight7.5 lbs
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  • -Tip: The lawn aerator will perform better when you use it in dirt, sand or clay
  • -Equipped with a wide protective baffle, protecting you from mud splashing
  • -As a result, the soil will get loose, making it easy for water, oxygen, and nutrient to diffuse into the soil pores
  • -Multiple strong spike rolling will perforate the soil with ease
  • -The three tubes are connected by snap fasteners for improved security
  • -Thanks to its space-saving design it can be stored in limited spaces
  • -Hollow-handle design and PP rollers on both sides reduce the weight of lawn aerator
  • -The use of rubber handles makes you work easier and more comfortable
  • -The 1.2-in spike and 18-in length increase the depth and range of rolling ground
  • -Easy to assemble in just a few minutes according to the instructions


38 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • J

    Look forward to a lovely dark green grass next Spring!!


    Works like a charm! I always thatch, aerate and fertilize every year in the Fall (almost an acre) and every Spring we see a lovely dark green grass emerge when the snow melts. This aerator works like a charm!!

  • R

    Sharp spikes really penetrate lawn


    Easy to use and works well. Spikes do penetrate the ground with relative ease. Only drawback is over bumpy lawn areas where spikes may not penetrate soil very deeply. Quality appears quite decent, especially for the price.

  • K

    Flimsy but kind of does the job.


    Unit has no weight to it. Kind of flimsy and I had to re-bend the fender with pliers to make it fit into place and then re-attach the bolts. If you water your yard ahead of time and the soil is soft the spikes will do the job. Obviously, it's not a power walk behind and it did come in very handy when I was overseeding before and after. Don't try and push it down too hard as it can only take so much. I actually bent the horizontal blades before I learned how to make it work. I had to bend them back into place. I'm keeping it. Just temper your expectations.

  • J

    Does adequate job


    I have always been diligent adding soil conditioner to aid in the quality of dirt I have, for a quick run around the lawn, this works fine. Even had my 6 year old granddaughter out running around yard with it. You wouldnt want to use this for large size lot, but it does work

  • D

    Easy to use


    Easy to assemble and use as well. Best if used after a rain or irrigate lawn first. Very pleased with purchase.


  • Q:
    How deep do the spikes penetrate??
    With 1.2-inch-length, the spikes will penetrate at least an inch.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    What makes it penetrate into the ground to make the hole? Does the ground have to be moist for it to really aerator the ground? There doesn't seem to be any weight to it.
    There are the nails on the product, The pits will be left when you roll it.
    Costway representative

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