Terms & conditions

I. Introduction

1.1 The Costway Trade-In Program (“Program”) is a long-term initiative sponsored by Costway to offer eligible customers the opportunity to receive a 30% instant trade-in discount and upgrade to new quality rattan furniture from Costway's website at www.costway.com.

1.2 Costway takes pride in producing high-quality rattan furniture that meets the requirements of different certifications and is harmless to the human body. For the past years, we have been working on creating home products made from renewable energy materials to promote environmental sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.

1.3 The instant trade-in discount allows customers to trade in eligible old rattan furniture and receive an instant trade-in discount for new Costway rattan furniture. After we receive and evaluate the old furniture, we will ship the new furniture as soon as possible. Please refer to the following Terms & Conditions for more information.

1.4 Please note that the Costway Trade-In Program is not available for Authorized DropShippers, Business Partners, or Large Order Group Members.

1.5 You can choose to combine Plus+ Member's $40 Super Coupon or Reward Points Redemption with Costway Trade-In Program Discount, the other Costway Discount/Coupons can't combine with Costway Trade-In Program.

II. Confirmation Procedure

2.1 Trade-In Process

To participate in the Costway Trade-In Program, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Qualify

Visit the Costway Trade-In page to determine if your old rattan furniture order qualifies for the program. If your order qualifies, you will see your instant trade-in discount.

Step 2: Purchase

Choose the new quality rattan furniture you want on Costway and apply the trade-in discount during checkout. Please note that each eligible old rattan order has only one chance for a trade-in coupon and the coupon is valid for 3 days. Once the coupon is invalidated, your corresponding old rattan order will lose the trade-in opportunity.

Step 3: Ship

Ship your eligible old rattan furniture and all accessories back to the Costway warehouse (Put "Costway Trade-in Program" in the Recipient.)at your own expense. Please make sure the rattan furniture meets the acceptance criteria outlined in section 2.2. Use a shipping service like USPS/UPS/FedEx and provide the shipping label information for your trade-in item.

Step 4: Finish

Trade in your old rattan with confidence. Once the warehouse receives and evaluates your trade-in rattan furniture to ensure it meets all requirements, Costway will ship your brand-new rattan furniture. You can check the acceptance result of your old rattan on the Trade-In page.

2.2 Eligible Rattan Acceptance Criteria:

To be eligible for the trade-in discount and receive new rattan furniture from Costway, your old rattan furniture must meet the following criteria:

a)Your rattan furniture must be the same as the rattan furniture order purchased from Costway.com. Costway does not accept other brands or products that do not match your original order.

b)The eligible rattan furniture must be purchased over 1 year but less than 3 years ago, counting from the date when you purchased the Costway rattan furniture order.

c)The actual amount paid for your rattan furniture purchased from Costway must exceed $400.00 per order.
Costway accepts rattan furniture that:

· Has missing components
· Has scratches, dents, or cracks
· Has water or fire damage
· Has corroded surfaces
· Has severe squeaking when using
· Has fading problems

*Please note that the Costway Trade-In Program is not available for Authorized DropShippers, Business Partners, and Large Order Group Members.

III. Benefits of the Costway Trade-In Program

3.1 Guaranteed Long-Term Benefits for Rattan Furniture

The Costway Trade-In Program is a long-term program sponsored by Costway.com that allows eligible customers to trade in their old rattan furniture for a discount on brand new rattan furniture from Costway.

With this program, Costway guarantees that you can enjoy brand new rattan at the lowest prices available across the site's clearance offerings. Please note that Plus+ Member's $40 Super Coupon or Reward Points Redemption with Costway Trade-In Program Discount, the other Costway Discount/Coupons can't combine with Costway Trade-In Program.

3.2 Environmental Sustainability

At Costway, almost all rattan tables and chairs are hand-woven and free of industrial pollution. They are also packaged in recycled paper materials. Through this program, Costway is devoted to reducing bulky furniture waste and garbage by recycling and providing refurbished and repairable products.

For the past years, Costway has been working on producing home products made from renewable energy materials, as well as energy-efficient products such as small appliances, air conditioners, and low-power electric fireplaces to help people save electricity and lower their bills. Costway is committed to environmental sustainability and reducing the global carbon footprint, while always keeping in mind the thought "Good for You and Good for the Planet."

IV. Program Participate Precautions

4.1 Please log in to the website with your real account and ensure the authenticity of your old rattan online order and eligibility for the program before participating. Costway reserves the right to reject shipping your new rattan furniture order if the Costway team determines that the old rattan online order is unrelated or fake.

4.2 To successfully purchase your trade-in new rattan furniture, Costway will use your IP data, equipment, and authorization information to match the nearest Costway warehouse to check your old rattan furniture order's qualification (shipping through USPS/UPS/FedEx).

4.3 You can trade-in and use coupons on the most of the following rattan series: Patio Conversation Sets, Outdoor Sectionals, Patio Bar Furniture, and Patio Dining Sets. Other Costway rattan furniture crafted of PE rattan also qualifies for trade-in.

4.4 For orders with multiple eligible old rattan orders, you can redeem coupons several times, but "one old rattan, once trade-in" is the rule for a single trade-in order. The number of new rattan coupons you receive depends on the amount of your eligible old rattan orders. If you apply for multiple trade-ins, you must do so separately.

4.5 Special Discount Notice: If you participate in the Costway Trade-In Program, you will receive a 30% trade-in discount towards the purchase of new rattan products. The discount is equal to 30% of the actual amount paid for your new rattan orders. For example, if you have a $500 rattan order from 2 years ago, after trade-in, you can get a $150 discount, which can be used to purchase any rattan product, even if you trade-in for $0.

4.6 After purchasing new rattan furniture with a trade-in discount, you agree to transfer ownership of the old rattan to Costway, and it is necessary to send the old rattan to us. Costway will ship your new order as quickly as possible once we receive the eligible old rattan.

4.7 Return Policy for New Rattan: We are confident that you will love the Costway rattan furniture series, but our standard return policy does not apply unless the new rattan has quality problems. Costway will agree to return and refund only if there are issues with the new rattan's quality.

V. Shipping

5.1 Shipping Method:

You can use any shipping method of your choice to send back your trade-in rattan, including U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx. However, please note that you will be responsible for the shipping fees.

5.2 Accessories:

Please ensure that you send back all accessories that came with your old rattan furniture set, along with the eligible old rattan itself. This will help ensure a smooth processing of your new rattan order.

5.3 Shipping Cost:

The cost of shipping the trade-in old rattan furniture from your address to the nearest Costway warehouse is your responsibility. Please be prepared to cover the cost of shipping as part of participating in the Costway Trade-In Program.

When shipping the old rattan furniture back to Costway, please consider the size and number of shipping boxes needed to ensure that the furniture arrives at the warehouse in good condition.

Suggestion for Shipping Boxes
2 pcs/set 3~5 pcs/set Over 5 pcs/set
25" x 20" x 15" (1-2 Boxes) 30" x 25" x 20" (2-3 Boxes) 45" x 30" x 15" (3-4 Boxes)
Suggestion for Shipping Boxes
2 pcs/set 3~5 pcs/set Over 5 pcs/set
25" x 20" x 15"
(1-2 Boxes)
30" x 25" x 20"
(2-3 Boxes)
45" x 30" x 15"
(3-4 Boxes)

* When shipping the trade-in old rattan back to Costway, it is suggested that you use appropriate sized shipping boxes based on the actual size of your old rattan. If you're unsure, you can ask for advice and assistance from your local FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

* To ensure the safety of your rattan furniture during shipping, it is recommended that you wrap it with plenty of padding, such as recycled or reused wrapping paper, bubble wrap, or packing foam. This will help protect your rattan furniture from damage during transportation.

5.4 After sending the eligible old rattan back to Costway:

Once Costway receives your rattan furniture, the Costway experts team will evaluate it, and you can view the results of your old rattan acceptance on the Trade-In page. If the rattan meets the acceptance criteria, Costway will ship your new rattan furniture immediately.

5.5 Situations where the old rattan furniture is ineligible for trade-in:

Costway can only return your old rattan furniture under certain circumstances, which are listed in question 2.2.
If your old rattan furniture is ineligible for trade-in, Costway will send you an email with a tracking number for the ground return shipment three to five business days after hand-off to our shipping partner.

VI. Governing Law

These Terms are governed by the laws of the State of California without regard to its conflict of law principles. Costway reserves the right to modify these Terms, and all modifications will be effective immediately upon posting on the Program website. By participating in the Program and agreeing to the Terms, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted these Terms of Use.
These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and Costway relating to the Program and supersede any prior agreements or communications.
No waiver of any provision of these Terms shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such provision or any other provision.
Your participation in the Program is at your own risk. Costway is not responsible for any damages arising out of your participation in the Program.

VII. Contact

We're here to help! If you require additional assistance, please visit Costway Customer Service. We'll be happy to assist you with any further questions you may have or you can contact us at [email protected].


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