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Inflatable Bouncer with Slides

Welcome to jolly kingdom of inflatable bouncers with slides!

Here all inflatable bouncer are made of high quality durable oxford cloth, wear resistance for long-term use. Furthermore, safety, the priority element of inflatable bouncer, becomes easy to come true under the protective mesh wall and elevated handrail, if parents worried about stability of inflatable bouncers in poor weather, don’t worry, our inflatable bouncers are fastened by reliable ground stakes, which ensure kids’ safety in any circumstances. No matter set indoor or outdoor, you can exactly find proper inflatable bouncers on Costway - we offer a variety of accessories like basketball hoops, trampoline, climbing wall, water slides, splash pool and even water gun for much more possibility of fun.
Use Tips You Have to Know

1. The inflatable bouncers with slides need a constant supply of air from the blower (which inevitably produces some noise). It’s normal that some air (bubbles) comes from the fabric's surface and seams.
2. It is normal that some water leaks from the edge of splashing pool. 
3. Please make sure the product is completely dry before storage. 
4. Please keep it in a dry and ventilated place when not in use.


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