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Indoor Games

What are the Different Types of Indoor Games?

Most of the games are played for fun and educational purposes. They are also a variety of physical and mental activities which are carried out either in the home or in designated constructed playing areas that can be played with so many people. There are different types of indoor games and they can be classified into different categories, such as educational games, physical games, and online games.

Educational games include board games, guessing games strategy games. These games require following a set of rules and policies of the game. It requires high decision-making and critical thinking abilities.

Physical games are activities that can be played indoors but requires minimal movements to play the games such as Hide and Seek, Stop Dance, Jumping Jacks, Bowling, etc. These games can also play both indoors and outdoors. In these kinds of activities, both the physical and mental abilities of the individual were tested and improved. 

Online games are the trend of this generation, games can be played on gadgets such as smartphones and computers. These games somehow use the mind but lessen the physical movements of the playing individual. Most online games use only several parts of the body such as your hands and fingers which is not good if you’re playing these for longer hours. These also lessen physical interactions with the teammates as you can form a team virtually. However, these games improve the strategic ability of a playing individual. 


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