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  • Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Truck Cargo Ramp
  • Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Truck Cargo Ramp
  • Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Truck Cargo Ramp
  • Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Truck Cargo Ramp
  • Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Truck Cargo Ramp
  • Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Truck Cargo Ramp
  • Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Truck Cargo Ramp
  • Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Truck Cargo Ramp
  • Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Truck Cargo Ramp
  • Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Truck Cargo Ramp
Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Truck Cargo Ramp

Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Truck Cargo Ramp

This is the mounted motorcycle hauler with loading ramp which will be a great help to carry your motorcycle or sports bike to everywhere you go.
Overall Rating:
34 Reviews
SKU: AT4338+ GTIN: 0810011678446

Price: $199.95 + Free Shipping

List Price: $249.99

You Save: $50.04 (20% OFF)

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    This is the mounted motorcycle hauler with loading ramp which will be a great help to carry your motorcycle or sports bike to everywhere you go.


    The 2" receiver hitch pin included with is 3/4". Specially designed for transporting sports bikes, enduro bikes or off-road dirt bikes. It has a 600 lbs total capacity. It can simply roll your motorcycle up the carrier's ramps. It is made of durable material. So you can use it for a long time.


    If you are looking for a loading ramp like that, don't hesitate to buy it.


    • Brand new and good quality
    • Hitch mounted motorcycle hauler with loading ramp
    • Durable black powder coat finish
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Raised adjustable wheel stop
    • Assembly required
    • Shipped in 2 packages
    • Rail is 79" long with a raised adjustable wheel stop that serves as a stabilizing wheel chock
    • The 72" long loading ramp stores right on the carrier which has 2 quick release lock to secure the ramp when loading
    • Carrier track: 79" x 8"
    • Loading ramp: 72" x 7.5"
    • Supports up to 600 lbs
    • Material: Steel construction
    • Finish: Powder coated
Customer reviews

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Customer reviews


Easily supports my 400# VStrom

This works as advertised, not powder coated, but not $600 either. Easily supported my VStrom. All hardware was in the box. Heavy! But needs to be and fairly easy to assemble.


Worked fine

Took delivery in Florida, drove to Tennessee picked up a Honda 450 rebel and drove to lad Vegas . nary a problem. Watched on my camera and it was steady as a rock. Definately recomend


Only rated for 45mph

Seems nice and strong. But annoyed that there is a warning saying not to travel above 45mph when loaded


Easy to assemble and works as advertised

I was a little nervous at first because the bike does wobble around quite a bit, but i really dont see how a hitch mounted carrier wouldnt wobble when you consider the weight hanging off the hitch. Nonetheless, i set forth with my Ducati 996 from florida to ohio on the back of my wifes ford edge. We made the trip without a single hiccup. The carrier is very sturdy, it shows no signs of bending, warping, or cracking after a 1k mile trip with a reasonably heavy bike. It does say 45 mph max speed, but we ignored that but never went over 80. It was perfectly fine cruising at 70-80 mph.


Great! Works well and good customer service!

Worked great on trip from east coast to west coast. Was able to drive well above 55 limitation recommendation. Item had some bent pieces and the company worked with me and were very responsive. The stabilizer worked very well and the bike did not move around too much at all.


Five Stars

This is just perfect. Bike fits great on it, and attaches to truck just fine.


Five Stars

strong carrier that is very well built


Four Stars

Heavy and not user friendly but serves it's purpose


Great so Far

Love how heavy duty this ramp is. Have used others before and have not been happy with the quality. The frame is great and sturdy and strong, definitely use an impact when putting it together. The hitch tightener/stabilizer is the only terrible thing about it. Just buy the better version and you should be fine. Ran it once without it and was fine. I put a yz250x on it. Was an easy install and have been on long trips with it so far. Will update later


Strong. Clumsy welding.

Decent. I think it’s strong but the joints are welded together clumsily.


Good product

Excellent price for the product. Would be nice if manufacturer added one more tie down bar in the center to use an extra strap for security. I added traction tape to the ramp during assembly because the ramp will be very slick when wet. When loaded you can’t even tell the bike is back there on my Tahoe. Good product.


Well made.

made well, simple assembly packaged well also. All holes aligned Came with a pin for the hitch also Haven't used it yet


Needs grip tape

As expected the product is heavy duty. I suggest buying grip tape since my rear tire slipped at the top of the ramp. Depending on the hitch hight a bench or step ladder for unloading. Also to note the nuts and bolts were lose in the box I count myself lucky not to have lost any.


Four Stars

It is heavy and the instructions are not good at all but to assemble is straight forward


Looks good and very tough

Fairly heavy unit but, very durable.


Excellent product

I own a Motorcycle School and often have to haul small bikes around this works amazing you don't have to worry about loading in the back of a truck or hauling a trailer around. Easy assembly and appears to be very well made


Great bike rack

Nice rack... We had some shipping problems, but all got solved. The bolts that bolt the frame to the motorcycle tray are to short, had to get longer ones. But it's a great rack.


Love this bike rack

Love this bike rack. It’s the only one I’ve owned and I’ve been using it for about 8 months with a 250 lb bike. Really simple and solid. I put some grip tape on the ramp and it works perfect.


Just as described.

Just as described, does what it is supposed to do..


Five Stars

Strong and heavy.


Solid, well made and heavy.

I bought this to replace a cheaper unit I had previously. This thing is well made, very solid and heavy! It is easier to install when you take the ramp off otherwise it is helpful to have someone help insert into your hitch. The fore and aft tie down locations secure the bike well and the ramp is long enough that you can load/unload the bike by yourself. The ramp has pins which lock into place when loading and unloading. The hitch clamp helps keep the unit stable but it still moves around a bit which takes some getting use to. I installed this unit on the back of my class C motor home and drove over 500 miles with my KTM on the back. No problems whatsoever.


Five Stars

Hasn't broke yet and it's been over a year.


Five Stars

Perfect no complaints


I was not sure of how I would like putting my motorcycle hung off the back of my ...

I was very skeptical at first when I purchased this carrier. I was not sure of how I would like putting my motorcycle hung off the back of my car. However once the carrier arrived and I was able to put it together I realized that it is INCREDIBLY sturdy. With that strength does come weight, and it is definitely around 100 pounds, which does make it a little cumbersome for one person. Its manageable to move, but much easier done with two people. I have about 500 miles on my carrier now, all with a 2016 FZ09 on it, which is supposed to weigh about 420lbs, so well under the rating of the carrier. The ramp is long and makes loading with one person possible. Grip-tape on the ramp would be a smart upgrade as the ramp is very slippery when wet.

I also recommend that you strap the wheels down to the carrier rather than just the regular places, over larger bumps it will move up and down more because it is cantilevered out over the back. When I strapped it down like it is in the photo it didn't move an inch, and I felt confident in it staying there.

My only three hangups are that it has a weird wobble (not side to side, more forward and back) on the end when it is loaded, that is why in my photos I have additional straps that go to my roof rack to fix that. The straps are not necessary at all, its just for my comfort, and adds a little extra safety. My second one is that it is very hard to see taillights behind the motorcycle. This isn't the carriers fault, its just a characteristic of these carriers, and I am planning on getting taillights to fix the problem. There are "Magnetic Taillights" on amazon that require no tools and will solve this for about $15, for those who don't want to drill or weld on taillights. The last is that the stabilizer does not come with a way to lock the bolts in, I went and bought 4 lock-nuts to keep the bolts from loosening themselves. Its not a big deal, just something to keep in mind.

Once I get going on the highway I completely forget that the bike is there. Even on my car which is close to maxed out capacity wise, so if you have a car thats better at towing you should have no issues. I have cruised the highway at 75 with no issues at all. Overall great product and much more convenient than owning a trailer. (Apologies for the photos being up-side-down)


Good buy! Solid product! Heavy but quality!

I LOVE THIS CARRIER. Seriously. I am hauling dirt bikes, crotch rockets, supermotos, and many others with this. It is pretty heaving so putting it on and off the vehicle can be a chore, but as far as not having to load up a trailer, it is so convenient! Tie downs are in good spots, easy to assemble, and good instructions! I have recommended this to my friends for sure! I added a tailgate light bar that has stop, running, and turn lights that plug into the trailer plug adds so much visibility to this carrier.


worth the money

it works like a charm


Works well for a light bike

Mounted this on back of motorhome with Class 3, 500 lb. hitch capacity. Did a 2500 mile trip from Florida thru Michigan on some very rough interstates hauling a 250 lb Suzuki DR 200. Minimum wobble and held up well. Powder coating thin in some spots and starting to rust. Not sure about a heavier bike. Besides, most class 3 truck or motorhome hitchs are only rated for 500 lb maximum. Ramp could be a foot longer as even a 250 lb bike is hard to manually push up ramp. You have to get a running start. I don't see anyway easy to drive a bike up under power. Clutch and gas would be tricky to manipulate with the ramp angle, height off the ground and clearance to tailgate or rear of motorhome. You'd need a second ramp to walk your bike up under power, which ain't a bad idea, but that would take a whole different design and more overhang and more money


This is very well made and will have no problem ...

This is very well made and will have no problem with holding the rated weight , but it is very heavy , compared to one made of aluminum , just to be aware , if weight is an issue.


Five Stars

Very sturdy piece of equipment , looking forward to seeing it on my RV.


Five Stars

Honda pcx150 works on its 14inch tires


Should work just fine

Easy asslembly all parts came with it slow shipping but thatvwas expected


AWESOME PRODUCT. I've taken my Yamaha R6 for countless ...

AWESOME PRODUCT. I've taken my Yamaha R6 for countless trips using this carrier. Super sturdy, I've left it on there overnight, and have done several hours o driving with it on there. Easy load/ unload. What more can you ask for?


Great ramp, easy to install - but size was an issue

I ride a 2002 Honda Magna. Its a 750cc bike and about 550 lbs. The package came with a big hole in it and some of the screws were missing so I had to make a trip to home depot for replacements. Not a big deal but a minor inconvenience. Comes in 2 separate packages! My main issue is that my motorcycle barely fit - the back tire is on the edge and I have to manually lift the back end of the bike in order to remove or install the ramp. I'm a very strong man with big muscles so it's not a huge issue, but I would measure your bike before purchasing.


good price, fast delivery

good quality but a little shaky in the hitch receiver. Since transporting a large motorbike on it I will have 2 stabilizers attached on left and right of center hitch so the platform does not shake itself defective over time. Other than that good price, good quality, fast shipping.