Snow Pusher Scoop Shovel with Wheels and Handle

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Key Features

● Effective Snow Removing: The snow pusher enjoys a large shovel plate size in 24" x 26" x 9.5". Its large capacity and ergonomic radian design allow it to effectively remove a large layer of snow at one time. Moreover, pushing away snow to one certain place makes it more convenient and more time-saving to solve the snow pile up.
● Durable and Solid Structure: The blade of the pusher is made of quality plastic, making it tough and would not crack easily even in freezing environments. In addition, the cutting edge is made of aluminum, avoiding damage and erosion for the pusher and allow the pusher accompany your family longer.
● Humanized Handle: The unique shape handle enjoys a comfortable cushion on both sides, avoiding direct contact between your hands and cold steel. The handle's angle can be adjusted according to your requirements. It allows you to shovel snow upright to reduce back pain from clearing the snow on the lanes.
● Wheels for Easy Movement: The snow cart has two PP wheels, which can easily clear the snow on the road by simply pushing forward. Wheels increase the friction with the ground, which consequently guarantees your safety during snow removing on slippery surface and helps you control the poly sleigh shovel in a better and more stable way.
● Compact Design for Easy Storage: Because of the unique design, you can store this snow shovel in the corner, shed or garage by adjusting the handle's angle. This sleigh shovel has high practicability. More importantly, the pusher doesn't require installation, you can use it immediately.

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MaterialPP, aluminum, steel
Shovel plate size24" x 26" x 9.5" (L x W x H)
Overall dimensions24" x 26" x 58" (L x W x H)
Net weight11 lbs

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The special design allows you to push away snow to where is convenient for you and no need to duck down again and again bearing the overwhelming backache.


The non-slip wheels make you clear up snow in this effective and effortlessly method safe and sound, even on a slippery and wet surface. Easily installed feature and tender EVA cover on handle improve your using experience more, offering you a simple and pleasant way of snow removing.


If you are looking for the product like that, do not hesitate to buy it!


  • Clear up snow by pushing away rather than shovel off, more effortless
  • Easily to move snow pileup together and solve
  • Handle is adjustable and no need to bent
  • Lightweight and simple to carry with
  • EVA Cover handle makes the pusher user-friendly.
  • Anti-slip wheels ensure your security
  • Tough blade guarantees long-lasting use
  • Adherent iron sheet protects the snow pusher better
  • Durable wheels ensure the stability of the snowplow on smooth ground
  • High capacity shovels help you dispose of a lot of snow at one time
  • The cushion design of the handle provides you with a comfortable feel
  • No need to assemble


35 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • A

    Shoveling snow more efficiently

    Our shovels broke last year in the middle of winter, But thankfully it didn't snow my much after it happened. I really needed a new snow shovel that would clear the walkways easily with 1 pass. We have a fairly long driveway as well, and the quicker we can get it shoveled, the faster we can to get to work. This one has wheels on it making it super easy to push. The handle is adjustable to any height to make it more comfortable when shoveling snow. The adjustment makes it so my kids can help as well , so the parents don't do all the work. It's fairly lightweight and quite durable ,so I think anyone should be able to use it easily.I love how the handle is foldable making it easier for storage, you just pull the yellow lever and adjust the hinge as needed. I will be getting another shovel so that more then I kid can help at a time with heavier snowfalls.

  • A


    Works well as intended

  • J

    Good, solid, large size, a pleasure to use

    It works very well, though it's a bit expensive. Yet, it's very well-made all around, and nice and wide, making it easier and quicker to get more done, so I think you are getting your money's worth. And it seems solid, so it should last long. After a few minutes of using it, I developed a technique. I first go forward, and fill the scoop, then pull it backwards - it's easy to do so, thanks to the wheels, then turn to face an area where you can dump. Push down on the handlebars to raise the front of the scoop, then push in a little on the side "wall" of snow, and lift up the handlebars to dump. Once it begins dumping, you simply lift the shovel, so you are lifting an essentially empty scoop. This is much easier than lifting shovels-full of snow; much better for the back. You'll still get some exercise - don't worry!, but lifting shovels-full is not good, unless you're constantly doing that much exercise. The screws that hold the handlebar onto the scoop did get loose -- after 10-20 minutes, as another reviewer mentioned. I imagine this is only because it is new. I could heard them rattling, and tightened them. The quick handle release is good, as you will sometimes want to adjust the handlebar height -- whether for an adult or child, or even for an adult, you may find yourself adjusting it. I think maybe its screw can use some tightening as well, I'm sure it can be done with a wrench, but even as it came, it works fine. When shoveling snow - let's say ten inches, I find you typically need to push it forward with your foot to get a full scoop, (even in fluffy snow). The back wall of the scoop seems solid - I don't see it bending inwards when pushed, so it should hold up. All-in-all, it's well-made and a pleasure to use. TY Goplus!

  • N

    Saved my back

    Getting in between cars and any other tight areas that the snowblower can't get the snow out, I can just push and load the shovel pan drag it out and empty it where the snowblower can throw it. Saved my back and shoulders. It took me less time as well. I like the folding handle not just for storage but adjusting for a person's height. Really like it so far and should've gotten it sooner for my back.

  • M

    Shoveling Mid-West Snow Is A Quick Win

    I'm amazed at how quickly I was able to clear all the snow from my property. This thing is super lightweight and sturdy (given how light it is). Getting snow shoveled was a quick win in my busy day with this. Also, to make things go even smoother, I waxed all the surfaces of this with car wax and the snow just slides off. Snow shoveled? Super fast. Done.


  • Q:
    why do the wheel keep coming off let me no i got one
    Please forward your question or concern as well as the order number to our customer support at [email protected]. After order confirmation, our customer support are standing by and ready to help you resolve any issues you may have.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Is it OK to tilt this to the side to dump off the snow, or are you supposed to dump it forward?
    You can tilt this to the side to dump off the snow, or dump it forward. It will be harder if you tilt to the side.
    Costway representative


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