- WE DO NOT SHIP UNTIL ALL ITEMS IN YOUR ORDER ARE IN STOCK.  We highly suggest placing separate orders if you'd like to receive your in-stock items before your pre-ordered items.

Q: When I Pre-Order, do I get my products before everyone else?

A: When you pre-order with Costway, we guarantee the reservation of your order. Due to the limited nature for some of our products, we cannot guarantee restocks after they are sold out.

Q: What is the benefit of Pre-Ordering?

A:  Pre-Ordering with us only guarantee your order, it does not mean you will get your item before everyone else. We cannot control when we get our shipment from our manufactures, however, by placing your pre-order with us, you're guaranteed your pre-order even if it is sold out everywhere else.

Q: When do I get charged for pre-orders?

A: You will be charge at the time of order to ensure the reservation of your order.

Q: How soon are my items available for pre-order?

A: Most items are available for pre-order weeks — sometimes months — in advance of their expected in-stock dates.

Q: Can I return my Pre-Order items or cancel my Pre-Order after the order was placed?

A: Please refer to our return policy for all product returns and cancellations.

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