Why choose Costway?
  • Providing strong inventory reserves

    Costway warehouses are scattered through America east to west. The inventory will be timely added according to market feedback.
  • Multi-channel media operation

    Costway cherishes every opportunity to touch customers. We bring Costway products to every customer who needs them.
  • Advance with our sub-brands

    Costway has many sub-brands which partner with Amazon for many years. keep growing, keep getting stronger.
  • B2B service team support

    Good products must be matched with good services. Our team always try our best to solve your problems.
Our stories with authorized resellers
  • Daniel

    We found that Costway has amazing products during our product research. Because I have 4 years of E-commerce operation experience, and Costway provided the products and services I need, I really enjoy working with the Costway dropship team.
  • Wessel

    I am Wessel. A Costway reseller from CA. Thanks to our teamwork, I got the best discount last year. Recently, I widen my dropship business to other countries, like Canada, etc. I am in the process of building my Costway net. Hope all goes well.
We always challenge new possibilities
  • We are also looking for offline authorized resellers!

    If you are a brick-and-mortar owner, please feel free to reach [email protected] Let’s develop our potential business on our smarts and hard work.
Dropshipper discount policy
LevelMonthly Sales AmountDiscount
Dropship Level 1Your application is approved18%off
Dropship Level 1monthly sales amount <=540018%off
Dropship Level 25400< monthly sales amount <=5400020%off
Dropship Level 3monthly sales amount>5400022%off

*Please check the level change and data update in the account center.

* We will issue the corresponding discount according to the sales amount of your last month.

* Your wholesale price is the price that deducts the discount you get

* Any questions please contact [email protected]

Submit My Application
  • 1. How can I get the reseller certification from Costway?

    Please submit your application first, once approved, please email [email protected] for your certification. We provide an updated e-certification for every official reseller.

  • 2. What platforms are not allowed to resell Costway products?

    Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, The Home Depot and Lowe's.

  • 3. How to get after-sales service support?

    [email protected]

  • 4. How do the products ship directly to our customers?

    Please fill in the client’s address when you place orders. We will ship directly to them. The price tag and invoices will not be included in the package.

  • 5. Do you have the MAP policy?

    Yes. The minimum advertised price is the Costway website price.


* This program may not be combined with the Costway Membership Program.

* Our drop shippers are strongly advised not to engage in Rakuten affiliate program. Upon the discovery of such engagements, Costway has the right to terminate and deny any outstanding amount of current and accumulated commission. All transaction data would be available for your reference in case you have any questions or concerns.


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