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 8 Panel Safety Play Center Baby Playpen

  • 8 Panel Safety Play Center Baby Playpen
  • 8 Panel Safety Play Center Baby Playpen
  • 8 Panel Safety Play Center Baby Playpen
  • 8 Panel Safety Play Center Baby Playpen
  • 8 Panel Safety Play Center Baby Playpen
  • 8 Panel Safety Play Center Baby Playpen
  • 8 Panel Safety Play Center Baby Playpen

8 Panel Safety Play Center Baby Playpen

This baby playpen for kids has 8 panels which is safe and non-toxic, your kids can rest and play there.
Overall Rating:
22 Reviews
SKU: BB4890 GTIN: 6933315502430

Price: $97.95 + Free Shipping

List Price: $122.99

You Save: $25.04 (20% OFF)

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    This baby playpen for kids has 8 panels which is safe and non-toxic, your kids can rest and play there.


    This playpen features a picture house, ball spinners, play telephone and a swinging hinged door with safety lock. In addition, you may assemble this gate as different forms. The swinging hinged door is equipped with a safety lock to keep the kids in. The size and shape of playpen is adjustable by adding or removing panels or by placing panels in different shapes. You can give this playpen as a great holiday gift to your kids.


    Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Perfect for baby and children
    • Activity board with picture house, play phone, spinning balls
    • Adjustable size and shape
    • Swinging hinged doors with safety lock
    • 8 panels that are interchangeable to increase or decrease playpen size or shape
    • Material: PE
    • Activity board: Picture house, play phone, spinning balls
    • Assembled dimension: 8 panels assembled diameter 74 inches
    • Individual panels: 31" x 23.5" (W x H)
    • Thickness: 1.5 inches approximately
    • Weight: 35 lbs
    • Package include:
    • 1 x Playpen
    • 1 x Instructions
Customer reviews

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Customer reviews


It's very sturdy !I love this playpen for my baby. He has a lot of fun in it.


Shipped as expected. Good quality. Baby loves 'her space'. If you need to use play mats, you may find it difficult to find a size that fits close to the edge of the playard so the playard can suction to the floor. We cut the edges of our play mats so they would fit and playard can suction to the floor. This certainly isn't a playard issue, but rather the companies who make play mats.


I'm very satisfied with the purchase. It's came earlier as an expected. It's was easy to put together and also fun especially if you have older kids to help. You can see the similar items from the same company but this one goes with editional floor that's what attracts also. And the main thing - the baby loves it :)


This is one of my favorite purchases for my son. We bought this when he started crawling, and we couldn't live without it now. We actually used this to create a barrier around the living room with our sectional couch, our ten and a half month old has plenty of room to explore without us worrying. Awesome purchase!


This play pen is very nice and the baby doesn't mind being in it. It was somewhat easy to put together but I did find this pieces didn't "snap" together all the way. I didn't add the bear cut outs as the first two I tried ripped and were hard to put on so I just skipped them... it's cute without them.


The playpen is well made! It should last a long time. The different section have suction cups under them so it does not move on tile. It worked great on our floor. The babies immediately began to play with the toys on the wall. the gate locks so when they are old enough to walk around in it they won't be able to exit on their own. All around good buy!


This is awesome. It definitely is worth the money. I have a 8 month old boy and he is just beginning to crawl and this is a life saver. But, it arrived without the floor foam mat. Also, two pieces were damaged. Haven't had this resolved yet, but the play pen serves it's purpose.


Verified Purchase!Solid product. Probably wouldn't do so well if you kept taking it apart and putting it back together. The connection points are weak. Once it is together it is very sturdy and the floor matts are great!


It's perfect. Sturdy! Love the suction cups on the bottom. Sticks to the tile and stays in place. Big enough so my 1 year old enjoys it and doesn't feel stuck. She hated her pack n play. So worth the money.


This is a great play yard. I have a peace of mind now when my little one goes in there and his older sister follows and they play in there together. It is very large and sturdy enough. This a must have for an active son is now mobile and at 10 month old I am happy to have purchased this and my daughter who is almost 4 loves this too. It is very large, we had to re arrange our living room to make it fit, but worth it .. no doubt. I purchase a lot of items from Costway, but had to take the time to write a review on is a great product and I do recommend it. I failed to mention that you can also easily move it and change the shape to make it larger or smaller.


Love it. Very easy to put together and take apart. Good size, too. Only complaint is you have to put the stickers on yourself and they are a bit frustrating to deal with.


Safe and sturdy! Great way for babies to learn to stand up on their own by pulling up on the bars. Love this item and would recommend it for sure!!!


Love it ! Keep my twin girls away from trouble.


Great product I have to give it to vendor who was contacted because the floor mats did not arrive. Vendor advised right away and floor mats arrived separately.


we bought this to keep my daughter contained in our living room. it's been working wonderfully for about 6 months. however, we don't lock her inside, instead we leave it open, however it blocks her from getting into things like our tv stand and plants near our windows. It's sturdy, she enjoys the phone and spin toys that are part of a one panel. It was a great buy!


This was a very durable playpen that my son absolutely loves. The interactive parts keep him entertained and the height is perfect for him to prop himself up and walk around the edge. I was happy to see that the stickers are something you put on yourself. With my son being at the age that everything goes in his mouth, I just kept the stickers off completely and the playpen still looks cute and functions well.


I received all 8 panels as promised in the description from this seller.High quality.t's smooth and easy to assemble. Even if he bangs his head against one of the gates, he isn't screaming as if it was wood - we still watch him in this because he's not old enough to not watch him but he easily moves around without problems. Colors are great, gate works really well, and its a perfect size for us - gives our 9 month old Baby enough room to play with different items but is not so huge its cumbersome in our place. Suction cups work well too (we have wood floors) and even with the ABC mat underneath, there are points where we can still suction it to the floor so it continues to not move. Overall, its awesome.


I absolutely love this play pen for our baby. Nice yellow and blue colors match nicely with our Vtech train velcro-ed to this gate. Our 7 month old likes to crawl all around in this.


This play area is great! It gives me some peace of mind when I can't be near my 9 month old son all the time, while doing house work. He loves it! I put a little couch in there and his toys. I even put a nice toddler mirror on the inside with gorilla tape and it's awesome! He is always laughing at himself. He can't pull it off. He's tried! Wonderful purchase! Good sturdy playpen!


Great product. Very useful because I am a student and it kept my baby occupied while I did homework/tests. Just wish it would stick to the ground with the suction cups it came with. Much better to use than a pack n play, my baby learned how to walk within 2 months of having this.


This is a colorful durable gate with attached toys, which enables you to let your young one wander safely in a closed space. In fact if you can buy two playpens and attach the extra panels to double its size! A great gift to parents of a crawling baby or toddler at a competitive price too!


thank you, good product and a great deal. AAA+++ Fast shipping also!