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 Affiliate program

Affiliate Program

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Do you have a website? Would you like to earn some money with your website? We offer you an excellent opportunity to make some money with us.

Costway is growing to be one of the top retailers in North America and Europe. We provide plenty of choices from home and garden items to sport and hardware equipments. People enjoy shopping on and doing business with us. Now, we invite you to join the Costway family and become one of the Costway affiliates!

About Affiliate Program

How does it work?

If you own a website and would like to make your website profitable, you can apply to become an affiliate partner through an affiliate network. Then, as an affiliate of Costway, you can choose banners, text ads, coupons and place links via these on your website. When your visitors click these links to Costway website and place an order within 15 days, you can receive 4% commission of the order value from us. Sometimes, we would also launch  some  special deals and promotions with a higher commission rate to increase your  profit in our program.

Affiliate programm

Affiliate network

Apply to join affiliate program via the following links:

1. Already part of Rakuten/Linkshare publisher?

2. Not yet join Rakuten/Linkshare?

Why do you join us?

There is not only free to join the Costway affiliate program, but also no fee to add our banners and links to your website. You can earn money without any cost.

In addition, our cookies will last for 15 days. That means, when any customer clicks the relevant links from your website and places an order within 15 days, you can receive 4% commission of that order from us.

Furthermore, there are plenty of categories of our products: Home & Garden, Furniture, Hardware, Sporting Goods, Toys & Games, Vehicles & Parts, Animals & Pet Supplies, Electronics, Business & Industrial, Health & Beauty, Luggage & Bags. Our products will surely satisfy you and your visitors’ needs.

Start earning money with Costway now!


Our dropshippers are not allowed to take part in Rakuten affiliate program and we will not pay the commission of the dropshippers orders. Once we find out that your majority orders are from our dropshippers, we would consider to terminate you from our program and deny any commission payment that you inquiry. All the transaction data would be available for your reference in case you have any questions.

We will not pay commission which is generated by private coupon codes or any other special activities which are not uploaded or provided on Rakuten (LinkShare). The commissions will not be double counted if we have signed a contract for paid advertisement beside Rakuten Linkshare.

More Information

For more information and any further questions please contact us: