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 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner

  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner
  • 11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner
11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner

11 lbs Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spinner

This compact twin tub washing machine is a good solution for doing laundry in small apartments, dorms, condos, etc.

Overall Rating:
76 Reviews
SKU: EP23799 GTIN: 6970866964973

Price: $100.95 + Free Shipping

List Price: $126.99

You Save: $26.04 (21% OFF)

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    This compact twin tub washing machine is a good solution for doing laundry in small apartments, dorms, condos, etc.


    The wash machine is compact so that it can be moved easily. It also offers great flexibility and has adorable appearance. The washer features an 11 lbs load capacity which saves water and electricity. With a time control, you can control the time of washing clothes. With a transparent lid, you can see the wash and dry process clearly. When you turn on the water you have to stay by the washer to watch it because it does not stop filling with water by it self.


    It’s easy to operate – you can just put in the clothes, fill in water, set the timer and start. It’s quite a good helper of your laundry. Do not hesitate to buy one.


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Ideal for small loads and delicate
    • Portable mini compact twin tub washing machine
    • Transparent lid allows you to see the wash and dry
    • Easy operation
    • It does not stop filling with water by itself
    • Gravity drain
    • Color: White and blue
    • Washer size: Compact
    • Voltage frequency: 110 V / 60 Hz
    • Rated washing capacity: 11 lbs 
    • Washing power: 300 W
    • Maximum water temperature: 54℃
    • 11 lbs. wash, 6.6 lbs. spin
    • 15 min. wash, 5 min. spin
    • Spinner power: 110 W
    • Spinner rpm: 1300
    • Overall size: 24.8" x 14" x 28.35" (L x W x H)
Customer reviews

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Customer reviews


It’s a good product especially for the price

I like that it’s size,makes it easy to have in a small apartment . Washed clothes just as good as a standard washer . It’s fairly quiet , I would recommend it for anyone trying to save money at the laundry mat for sure


Well worth it

Excellent experience.


In love!

Lightweight and small, super convenient. I’m in love with this washer and spin. Would definitely recommend for small apartments.


Good investment. Above my expectation.

Great little washing machine. Its motor are powfull. I use it for ultra dirty clothes which separate from my regular washing machine.


Compact and easy to use

This is a really neat helper and addition to my detailing business needs. It all I really needed to keep our rags and towels clean and ready to go for the next job. Saves me money on bills and saves me space in my shop


It wash cloth very good

It was exactly what I wanted


5 stars

A money saver :)


Love it

Love this, would buy again


Surprisingly Great!

I must say I was skeptical when I bought this little portable washing machine. But so far this little machine proved to be a great buy and investment. I have washed so far: clothes, pet bedding, sheets, and small blankets in this little machine. Note that for obvious reasons due to size, you will not be able to wash comforters in this machine. Not unless they are for a twin size bed and don't have much thickness to them. Kids blankets and maybe throws will fit just. I would say the worst feature for this machine is that the drain. It uses gravity to drain the water. If the machine it is not set up higher than the drain, then it can cause a big mess. Luckily I have a stand alone shower in my bathroom (separate from my tub) that I can just drop the drain hose on the floor of the shower to the drain. The best feature is the spin basket. I does a good job getting the excess water out of the clothes. All you have to do is get it to balance correctly. Which is not hard and most of the time it balances on its own. I am glad I took the chance on this machine and I hope it continues to work for some time.



Absolutely love it. Ended up getting a dryer too.


Solo q está partida abajo un poco pensé en devolverla pero trabaja bien y eso e solo q importa

Linda peque?ita pero trabaja bien


Gets the laundry done

Gets the job done. Compact enough to fit in our bathroom and easy storage too. I recommend this for small laundry loads.



Total game changer if you also find yourself in my unfortunate scenario in which your basement won't fit a full size washer..but you still have a full sized family to clean clothes for. Works very effectively and makes up for time saving in what it lacks in drum size. Each load is done in less than 15 minutes or so. The spin cycle is also quite nifty and does dry the clothes at least 90 percent of the way. Best purchase of the year in my opinion!


When it comes to filling it with water, pour it in with a bucket

It’s a great investment. I don’t have to go to the laundromat as much as I use to. My only criticism is that the hose for pouring water doesn’t fit any of my faucets. So it’s usless. Also the product didn’t come with instructions. So I had to YouTube it. Aside from that, it’s a great product. No more laundromats!


Good product

I am happy with this mini washer. I purchased it as replacement until I can afford a bigger one. My clothes come cleaner, thanks to the15 minute wash cycle! My only gripe is draining this washer. I cannot set mine in my tub due to the drain being on the right, and drain hose on washer is on left. The washer drain would be facing uphill, causing drain issues. I have to use a 5 gal. bucket to catch the water as it drains. My issue is more of a housing flaw than product flaw. I wish there was a way to hook this machine up to regular washer hose, and drain pipe. I'm thinking that a water hose (with spray nozzle) might be the better solution, so I don't have to constantly turn my water lines on and off, which could break the lines if not handled carefully. But the washer is great! And the spin dryer is probably the best I have ever seen!


Compact Works

My washer had gone out and I was looking for a temporary solution and after using this unit it solved my washing needs!


Works great!

Love it! No more laundry mat! No hookups needed! Fits more than u would think!



Washer is a good one


Love it! Poor instructions.

Love it! We use it in our RV. My RV doesn't have a washer so I put this in the shower and use it. It washes really well, doesn't use much soap, spin does a decent job and we line dry our clothes. I've done probably 15 loads of laundry so far with 4-5 people. The instructions are worthless so we looked it up on YouTube.


There aren't enough stars in the galaxy

I got this little beast for Christmas and I cannot tell you how amazing it is. I've been living in a small 500 sq. ft. apt for over a year and the laundry is at the front of the complex, which was enough for me to procrastinate doing my laundry on a regular basis. Now, all I have to do is pull this little monster out and all my problems have been solved. It's not heavy and because it is compact, it's not a nuisance in my small space. It's not noisy and it has some power! I'm on a laundry spree as we speak and this little guy has been worth it's weight in gold. Don't even hesitate purchasing one of these. It's easy to use and is phenomenal. Now, the instructions are very very very tiny and in a bit of broken English, so I would recommend watching one of the videos posted just to see how it works before you try it for the first time. But honestly, it's so easy. I use it in my tub so I can fill and drain it rather easily and when it spins the clothing in the spin tub, they come out so close to dry it's shocking. I can't say enough about this washer. Please, don't even think twice. It's a great machine and well worth the money!

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