Electric Countertop Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket

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Key Features

● Dual Water Injections and 3.2 L Reservoir: This 3.2 L ice maker machine requires manual refilling, simply adding water into the top injection hole which has a lid for dust-proof. And it can adapt a water dispenser (not included) into a supporting seat to get you off the trouble. This ice maker machine can hold barrel water of 2-5 L.
● Ice maker with high performance: This ice maker has a fast ice-making cycle of 15 mins, which reaps 24 pcs of ice cubes, that is a total of 40 lbs ice cube per day. And it has a removable ice basket, enabling temporary ice storage of 2.4 lbs. Though satisfyingly catering to the whole family, compact size allows you to bring the ice maker on a road trip or place it in your countertop or RVs.
● High-Quality Square Ice Cube: The ice cube machine-made has a crystal-like square shape with good taste. The ice cube thickness is controlled by the ice-making time which you can set at will (±6 mins top). Besides, you can witness the ice-making process through a transparent lid.
● Convenient Self Clean Mode with Timer: Featuring a 24H timer, you can set the time for reservation. The ice-making time can be delayed for 8 H. And press the "timer" button for 5 seconds, the ice maker will automatically enter the self-cleaning mode which lasts 20 mins. You can also clean it personally and drain the water via a plugged drainage hole.
● Easy Control Penal with Smart Indicator: Equipped with ice full and water shortage sensors, this ice maker will stop working if the above situations are detected. And it is easy to operate the ice maker with easy-understandable icons. Besides, this ice maker has a free ice scoop to access the ice in a hygienic way. The sound is below 42 DB.

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MaterialStainless steel, PP
Product dimension10" x 14" x 15" (L x W x H)
RefrigerantR290 1.13Oz
Ice yield per day40 lbs per day
Ice shapeSquare
Ice making cycle15-20 min
Ice storage capacity2.4 lbs
Net weight21 lbs
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Electric Countertop Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket Electric Countertop Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket Electric Countertop Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket Electric Countertop Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket


Cool you summer with this countertop ice making machine!


It has a special support seat, enabling you to place 5 L (max) of water bottle (not included) on the top to constantly add water into the 3.2 L water tank. Directly adding water via the water inlet hole will also work. Through a Nickle Brass compressor, this ice maker can produce pure and high hardness square ice 24 pcs per cycle and 40 LBS per day. You can adjust the thickness of the ice cube by controlling the condensation time. And his ice maker has practical auto self cleaning for convenient daily maintenance. An LCD control panel is easy to operate and has water shortage and ice full indicator for safe use. Featuring a 24H timer, you can set the time for reservation. The ice-making time can be delayed for 8 H.


If you are looking for a powerful ice making machine, do not miss it!


  • Use the water dispenser to add water or directly add water through the inlet hole.
  • 2- 5 L of bottled water (not included) adaptable
  • Stainless steel and PP material built up a durable ice maker body
  • The transparent lid allows you to see the ice-making process clearly.
  • Daily yield 40 LBS, one cycle of 15 minutes, 24 pcs per cycle, ice storage of 2.4LBS
  • Compact for kitchen and office countertops
  • Produce high quality and clean square ice
  • Ice making time adjustable (±6 minutes top) to change the thickness of the ice cube
  • A 20-minute self-cleaning function makes your life easier
  • A drainage hole under the bottom to drain out the melting water
  • Set up 1-24 h of timer to save electric bill
  • Has LCD control panel for easy operation
  • Removable ice basket and additional ice scoop
  • Rubber sucker to stabilize the ice maker, sound is lower than 42 DB
  • Real-time ice maker allows making ice by appointment (delay up to 8 hours)


38 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • R

    Perfect for home usage


    This electric countertop ice maker is a convenient and efficient way to produce ice for your drinks or food. It is easy to use and produces a steady supply of ice in a variety of sizes. The included ice scoop and basket make it easy to transfer the ice to your drinks or storage container. Overall, a great addition to any kitchen or home bar.

  • W

    It's worth it!


    It's worth the money! Easy to operate, easy to fill, and makes a good chunk of long lasting ice! Best purchase I've made! I used to have bullet ice maker and had to run it constantly... this thing makes good long lasting ice cubes! It has a bigger water tank and can do a lot of batches before I have to dump the bin to make more.

  • M



    Large enough output we only have to run it for a couple of days

  • D

    Ice keeps melting


    The ice area is not cooled enough nor isolated, so ice keeps melting, which means I have to keep moving the container to the freezer. The ice also sticks together because it's not frozen enough and the quality of the ice is not so good. Get one with the nugget ice. Much better

  • E

    One of my best investment for the is this ice maching. I love it.


    I love my ice maker machine. I had another one before but required to keep an eye all the time to put the ice away and put more water on it. Now there is no need for that. I can put a large water bottle and besides it produce more ice. I bought ice bags and store it at the fridge. When my wife or the kids need more ice they just grab it and I don't need to be there. Pretty easy. LOVE IT


  • Q:
    Does this ice maker reuse melted ice to make more ice
    Yes, it does.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Where can I purchase the water dispenser adapter and water jugs?
    When using the water bottle holder, it is not suitable for all bottled water, please carefully distinguish whether it is suitable or not, and the capacity of the bottle should be less than or equal to 1.5 gallons, the outer diameter of the bottle mouth is less than 52mm, and the inner diameter is greater than 18mm. You can buy from Amazon or other websites.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    What is the size of ice cubes and is it chewable?
    The ice shape is square with size 0.86*0.86*0.86 inches and it can not be chewed .
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    What size ice does it make
    The ice shape is square with size 0.86*0.86*0.86 inches
    Costway representative

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