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Seasonal & Holiday Decorations

Seasonal & Holiday decorating is a great way to change the decor of your home and keep it fresh. 
Decorating your home space with different seasons and festivals is an excellent way to bring freshness and atmosphere.

How to Choose Christmas Decor?

During the Christmas season, we exchanged gifts and held banquets with family and friends while celebrating together the Holiday Season. A Christmas tree is undoubtedly an important decor. 

There are all kinds of colors and styles of Christmas trees in Costway. If you live in a small apartment or a small living room, a 4-5-foot Christmas tree will be more suitable for you. A ceramic Christmas tree and mini Christmas tree for the table are also a good choices. If your living room is spacious enough, we suggest you choose a 7-8-foot Christmas tree. In addition, if your existing wall colors and furniture are light, it is a good choice to match with golden and green Christmas trees. If your furniture style is darker, you can choose a white flocked Christmas tree. For outdoor decorations, luminous deer and inflatable Santa Claus are also attractive.


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