88-Key Full Size Digital Piano Weighted Keyboard with Sustain Pedal

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Key Features

● Full-weighted 88 Key: The digital piano consists of 88 full-size keys, and the left and right keyboards can be played by two people at the same time. The dual-tone design can meet your needs for different tones. You can enjoy the fun while playing.
● Multi-functional Panel: This panel includes digital display, U-disk port, power, adjustable volume and several function buttons. In addition, we have carefully added 480 tones, 200 rhythms, 64 polyphonies and 80 demos for users to choose. Besides, recording and following-playing functions can facilitate your intelligent learning.
● Multiple Connections: In order to improve learning efficiency, we added a MIDI/USB interface, which makes it convenient to connect computers and other intelligent devices to obtain a better training experience. Apart from that, you can also connect a smartphone for more lessons and headphones to listen to your own music without disturbing others.
● Built-in Speakers and Professional Pedal: Two of built-in speakers are conveniently located for an optimal listening experience, and are crystal-clear across the entire audio spectrum, providing players with immersive sound. Besides, It also comes with a professional single sustain pedal which restores to real piano performance.
● Perfect Instrument for Music Lovers of All Ages: With concise and stylish design, the hammer action weighted 88-key digital piano can add a touch of elegant art to the home. In addition, it is pretty suitable as a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, a kid's holiday gift and an ideal gift for beginners and all music lovers!

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Product dimensions53" x 13" x 4" (L x W x H)
Net weight40 lbs
Keyboard88 key
Voice rangeA2-C5
StyleUpright piano
Pitch≤ 3 Tones
Output power>10W * 2
Power parametersDC 15V 50/60Hz
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88-Key Full Size Digital Piano Weighted Keyboard with Sustain Pedal1 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano Weighted Keyboard with Sustain Pedal2 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano Weighted Keyboard with Sustain Pedal3 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano Weighted Keyboard with Sustain Pedal5


The 88 key weighted keyboard with dual-tone modes combines two voices together, like piano and drum, inspiring users to make new creations as well as providing users with acoustic timbre and a wonderful playing experience.


In addition, our piano has 480 tones, 200 rhythms, 64 polyphonies, and 80 demos for users to choose from. And recording and following-playing functions can facilitate your intelligent learning. In order to improve learning efficiency, we added MIDI/USB interface to connect the piano to electric devices. Apart from that, headphones, two 10W built-in speakers and single sustain pedal provide users with professional playing experience.


If you are looking for a weighted 88-key digital piano, please take it home!


  • 88 full size weighted hammer action keys bring real piano playing experience
  • Dual tones can meet the needs of different tones
  • 480 tones, 200 rhythms, 64 polyphonies and 80 demos for multiple sound settings
  • MIDI and USB interfaces allow connecting different smart devices
  • Headphone included enables you to listen to your own music without disturbing others
  • Two 10w of built-in speakers are conveniently located for an optimal listening experience
  • Professional single sustain pedal help users to play real piano performance
  • Wooden materials look more textured
  • Dynamical adjustment helps you play more attractive piece
  • Panel includes digital LED display, Udisk port, power, adjustable volume and function buttons
  • Recording and following-playing functions facilitate your intelligent learning
  • Piano cover ensures its dirt-resistance
  • Certificated by ASTM, safety usage for your children


44 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • S

    Great set up and easy to play


    We needed to replace our keyboard and this one is definitely an upgrade. It is the same set up as a normal piano except doesn't take up as much space and one person can carry it. The sound is excellent and this allows me to plug in headphones so I can practice without annoying anyone around.

  • L

    Low quality keyboard, misleading information


    I ordered this keyboard to have an instrument for practicing for my vacation in U.S.A. So I didn’t wanted to spend to much money. So I didn’t expected too much but what I got was a little disappointing. The action is only semi-weighted and there is no way of fine-tuning the velocity curve. The dynamics are extremely limited and the internal tones are super unnatural. The onboard speaker produce a lot of noise of loose vibrating parts and the overall sound is very harsh and cheep. Some customers complained about their keyboard doesn’t turn on. I figured out that this happens when you turn on the power while having something connected to the USB midi port. If you unplug your USB Midi cable and power on your keyboard again it’s a working as supposed to, but this is a major issue. I will mostly use it having my iPad or MacBook connected so I can use my Piano Plug-ins but this keyboard produces somewhat random velocity values so you need a midi filter and flatten everything above aprox. 80 or 90 to get somewhat solid results. If you want to invest money in a serious Stage Piano this is not for you. If you need something for your holiday practice routine for a few weeks this might work but I can’t think of any other use case. Too expensive for a keyboard toy and too cheep for a real stage piano. Hope this review is helpful to someone.

  • A

    Lovely piano but I would not recommend


    This is a gorgeous piano. I would only recommend this to ABSOLUTE beginners. If you have had any prior piano experience, this will likely feel like a downgrade from what you had before. It feels great to play, but the sound isn't very good. Again, it's good for getting the ball rolling, but if you have any long term or professional plans in piano playing, I would recommend getting a higher quality budget piano.

  • A

    Got sent a used piano


    EDIT: The piano I got seemed to have been used. When it arrived, there was a little bit of dirt and even hair so I suspected it was returned. What confirmed my suspicions was the included sustain pedal, it is heavily marked up and damaged from use. Even though their seller policy claims they thoroughly inspect returned products... To top it off, the piano won't turn on. Will update my review once this gets resolved with customer service.

  • C

    Great price


    We donated to a church in Mexico and they loved it.


  • Q:
    Will not power on at all.  It won't turn on. Power cable light is green, but LED screen is off and there's no sound. Power switch does nothing.
    First, check whether the internal cable is loose, and operate according to the following videos (dismantle it, unplug the cable, wipe the cable with a paper towel or towel, and reinsert the cable).  https://youtu.be/BPwI5lqwZ4c  https://youtube.com/shorts/ihat-iyZ-OQ?feature=share  If it still doesn't turn on, need to replace the motherboard..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    The pedal is not working now.
    When we step on the continuous tone pedal alone, we should step on the pedal first, and then press the piano key..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    If this one sounds like a real piano?
    Yes, it's weighted keys.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    How to select tone color?
    1. Find the timbre you need in the TONE list and remember its timbre number. 2. Press the tone key to enter timbre mode. 3. Select the desired timbre by selecting the +/- key, the timbre number is(000-799).
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Hi, will my son need an amp or speaker to play this keyboard?
    No, the item itself is designed with speakers..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Can I Dropship Your Products?
    You can check this page if you want be one of our dropshiper. https://www.costway.com/points/dropship.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Does this have the option do download more sounds?
    Yes,This product can choose external USB flash disk.
  • Q:
    What is the country of manufacture?
    Hi, the country of manufacture is China.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Does this come with a stand? If not is there one that is recommended?
    Hello, This keyboard has no stand. Because the quality of this electronic keyboard is better and the overall weight is heavier, we suggest that you still don't put it on the stand. If you want to put it, you need to pay attention to the weight of the stand.
    Costway representative

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