6QT Stirring Popcorn Popper Maker with Nonstick Plate

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Key Features

● Electric Stirring Popcorn Maker: The stainless steel rod can stir automatically to let the popcorn and oils evenly distributed for 24 cups of good-tasting snacks. Those fresh-made popcorns have more fully-popped kernels and the whole process is faster than traditional popcorn machines. And the 850W power gets this popcorn maker quickly ready in seconds.
● Easy Cleaning and Non-Sticking: The premium aluminum plate has a non-sticking coating for easy wiping clean while the heat-insulating handles always stay cool for safe use. In addition, the bowl and the cap are dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.
● Easy-Serving Vented Lid: A vented lid lets the steam out and also allows the butter to melt into the plate. And when the popping is dying down, turn off the machine and flip the lid to make it a convenient serving bowl. Please make sure the black cap is removed before cooking.
● Convenient to Store for Wide Application: This popcorn maker base can nest on its lid, which makes it compact and suitable for your cupboard. Even installed, it won’t take many spaces on your countertop. It is suitable for home use. And delicious popcorn caters to be eaten at movie nights, parties, and more.
● Simple Operation Process: Simply add oil, kernels, and press the power button on your stirring popcorn popper and wait for the first batch of mouth-watering snacks. You can also add some sauces before cooking to make different flavors of popcorn.

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MaterialStainless steel, aluminum, PC, PP
Product dimension14" x 12" x 10" (L x W x H)
Capacity5 L (24 cups/240 ml per cup)
Wattage850 W
Net weight11 lbs
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This stirring popcorn maker allows you to cook your own homemade popcorn!


It is simple to cook with just adding material and a press on the power button. This popcorn maker has a 24-cup capacity, which is enough to entertain the whole family. And you can cook your own preferred flavors. The electric stirring rod and the non-sticking cooking plate make the cooking and the cleaning more efficient and convenient. Besides, you can wash the bowl and the cap in the dishwasher. The lid also doubles as a serving bowl, which has vented holes to escape the steam and melt the butter into the plate. This popcorn maker is compact in storage with its base resting on its lid.


If you are looking for a stirring popcorn maker like this, do not hesitate to place an order!


Note: the black cap should be removed before cooking


  • The stainless steel stirring rod distributes the kernel and oil evenly for fully popped shapes
  • 6-quart capacity makes 24 cups of delicious popcorn, for movie nights, parties, and more.
  • 850W power gets the popcorn machine heated in seconds
  • Non-sticking cooking plate and dishwasher-safe lid and cap for fast cleaning
  • The cooking lid also serves as a serving bowl
  • The holes for venting also work for melting the butter into the plate
  • Compact size for easy storage, fit into the cupboard
  • Easy to operate, and pop out the good-tasting snacks


19 Reviews

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  • J

    Super Difficult to clean


    This bottom is NOT detachable so it's difficult to clean especially because it gets greasy. It broke afyer water got underneath by mistake.

  • D

    Fun, useful, practical, and easy to use.


    We acquired our COSTWAY electric popcorn maker as a health play. While we LOVE traditional microwave popcorn, they come with those additives we occasionally vow to avoid. The COSTWAY couldn’t be easier to use! Add your oil, add your popcorn, fasten the lid, turn it on. That’s it. A normal batch has been taking about 5 – 6 minutes to prepare. After using it for several batches, I have these recommendations: Even though the instructions say to use two tablespoons of oil per cup of raw kernels, I find it better to use less than a full cup of kernels so the popped kernels have room to expand – something like 7/8 of a cup will do nicely. Also, don’t skimp on the oil. We tried one batch using less oil and it burned. The other recommendation is to turn the unit off when the popping starts to taper off. Don’t wait until there is zero popping or you’ll burn the batch. If you are adding some yummy flavors to your batch (butter, spices, etc.), you’ll do that in whatever bucket/bowl you dump your completed batch into – not during the popping. There is a little art to making a good batch of popcorn. We are better at this in batch six than the first batch. This was a really good purchase that is fun, useful, practical and easy to use.

  • D

    Popcorn is LIFE! Would recommend!


    Popcorn is a routine staple in our house. We often make it as part of our Sunday evening routine. We had been going the healthy route and making it with a microwave bowl to avoid using oil. We decided that we missed popcorn made with oil and tried out the Costway popper. We followed the directions exactly as stated in the user manual. The popper was very easy to use. The popcorn came out perfect, with only 2 or 3 unpopped kernels. The only reason I rated it a 4 is because the plastic lid, used to cover the air wholes after you are done popping, didn’t stay on very well. The lid is needed so you can flip the cover over and use it as a bowl. However, this is not not a big deal and won’t take away from making delicious popcorn.

  • D

    Works great, easy to clean.


    Do we all remember using the Stir-Crazy popcorn popper from years ago? I don't... I didn't have one, but I do remember all of the fuss when it came out originally. This particular popper is an upgraded version of the original, compete with a non-stick heating plate. I have an air popper that I simply love. It has a container that all of the popped corn goes into instead of flying all over the counter. However, I find I have to run it several times to produce enough popcorn for my family, and the system regularly overheats. In addition, I always have to add butter after popping but I think I end up using more butter that way. Also, I find the more and more un-popped kernels end up in the container, which is frustrating but common to every air popper I've tried. This device is easy to use. I add the suggested 130 grams of popcorn to the cooking plate, evenly distributed. I then add about 1 tablespoon of oil and 2 tablespoons of butter, install the cover and turn it on. Within about 5 minutes the popcorn is ready. The result is perfectly popped corn with a great butter flavor and virtually no un-popped kernels. Flip the entire unit over (after installing the lid onto the cover,) and you have a perfectly sized serving bowl. To clean, simply remove the stirrer from the cooking plate. The non-stick design of the plate makes it easy to wipe out with just a towel. The base cannot be submersed or subjected to water else the electrical connections within would be damaged. The only "negative" item I can find with this product is its price. It appears to be more expensive that most all of the others in its class. However, I think the quality of the cooking plate and its non-stick properties may be part of that, plus the evenly distributed heat. Whatever the case, I'm glad I have this one and wouldn't trade it for another. Would I order this again? YES. Do I recommend it to others? YES. This is a great way to pop popcorn that's tasty and fully popped. I really like my air popper, but I think it's going into storage.

  • M

    Great popcorn maker!


    Our daughter is obsessed with popcorn. We had been doing the microwave popcorn bags and thought we would try this popcorn maker. She loves helping to make the popcorn! She climbs up on her stool to watch the kernels spin around and start popping. She gets so excited watching the kernels pop. This popcorn maker does a good job of popping almost all of the kernels and doesn’t take too long to make a batch of popcorn either. It makes more than a microwave bag so there is more for the family to share. The black cap that covers the vent holes on the lid after the popcorn is popped so that that lid can double as a bowl does not like to stay on though, so we just put the popcorn in separate bowls. Everyone has more than enough!

    Great popcorn maker!
    Great popcorn maker!
    Great popcorn maker!


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