20 Feet Lightweight Roof Rake Snow Removal Tool

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This lightweight snow removal tool is ideal to be used in winter times to get rid of the heavy snow on the roof to safeguard the house.


This brand new roof snow remover will relieve your house of the heavy snow and prevent any damage from happening to your roof. The snow remover helps make the process much easier and relieves your back of any strenuous difficult work. Simply attach the remover together, then push the rake up the roof and watch the snow easily come down. The wheels on the rake allow it to easily travel up the roof and the vinyl tarp helps the snow slide down with ease. No longer is there a need to go on the roof and shovel the snow off. Save your back and save your time with the roof rake snow remover.


If you are looking for such a snow remover, don't hesitate to add it to your cart.


  • Brand new and high quality
  • Rake snow remover extends up to 20' long to help you reach as much as possible
  • Made of durable aluminum that helps keep the pole sturdy and contains wheels at the bottom to roll it up the roof
  • Slide is 20' x 16"(L x W) and made out of nylon which helps the snow easily slide down from the roof
  • Contains a wide head cutter and a comfortable grip that provide comfort
  • Some minor assembly is required but it's very light making it real easy to control


69 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • A

    Have not used yet.


    Great in theory and can't wait to use it. We just haven't had heavy snows since I ordered it. 2 years ago.

  • T

    Works great!


    Easy to assemble and store

  • D

    A good tool the last time I bought it. This one snuck through QC


    I bought one of these a couple years back from Amazon, and it's worked marvelously. When this one came in, one of the arms that hold the rod the canvas goes on was mis-cut. Since we had roofs to clean, I wasn't willing to go through the hassle of returning it and getting a replacement. Luckily, between the old one and this one, we were able to get a complete working unit. Keeping the rest for spare parts. Company needs to do better quality control. All in all, though, the tool works wonderfully, but you do need two people to work it, because one guy works the tool and the other guy works on keeping the tarp straight and trued so the snow can actually slide off it.

  • C

    works well!


    Just used this for the first time today. We don't have a steep pitched roof, so the snow just sits there instead of sliding off. We have cathedral ceilings in our house, so the snow melts just enough on the roof that it quickly turns to ice and forms ice dams that creep under our shingles and eventually through our ceiling, ruining the paint. As the product states, it does not remove the ice dams that are already present, but it does remove the snow before it becomes an ice dam. I used all of the extensions it came with and used it to push and pull the snow off the roof. it was pretty easy to use, although it did take a little bit of effort to keep it up and moving. The only problem i had was figuring out the instructions, which were next to non-existent. A better diagram might have helped, but as it is it wasn't too difficult to figure out.

  • J

    Easy and light to use.


    It is easy to use but a little bit tired for a girl to fight after 10 minutes.


  • Q:
    Please ignore my previous question. I figured it out. Pressed the tab (stuck finger through wheel hole) away such that metal y arm could slide through. Damaged a fingernail, but I'll live. TY!
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Trying to assemble this, is their an easy way to get the wheeled part snapped onto the Y arm parts? I notice a tab. I assume the metal part of the Y arm slides under the tab and the tab "nodule" locks into place in either the end of the Y arm slot or the Y arm hole. Or does it take a SUPER STRONG person to push that sucker on there?
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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