2-Layer Security Safe Deposit Box with Inner LED Light

23 Reviews
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Key Features

  • Strong Steel Construction: Made of heavy-duty steel, the security safety box is sturdy for long time use and will provide reliable protection for your property. In addition, the safe security box also features 3 live-locking bolts and 2.5-inch thick door to add security.
  • Multiple Ways to Open: The safe box is equipped with fingerprint recognition system and helps you to open the box quickly. And the storage capacity of fingerprint is 30. With high sensitivity electronic panel, you also can use 3-8 pass word to open the box. Plus, when the safe has low battery or you forget the code, you can use key to open the safe directly.
  • Smart Alarm Device: The sound alarm will beep to alert after the number of times of wrong password attempts. What’s more, the safe will also alarm automatically when battery is low. While batteries inside are run out, you can plug the external power (included)into the connection hole to open the safe.
  • Protect Your Belongings Well: Inner bottom of safe is equipped with a carpet which can prevent scratch of jewelries. And the inner shelf can be removed to enlarge storage space. With space-saving design, the safe is great to be placed in your home and office to store important documents and other treasures.
  • Easy to Install & Use: After receiving the security safe box, just find 4 pre-drilled mounting holes and install the safe with mounting hardware inside closet, embedded on a wall, shelf or under the floorboards. And the safe box is equipped with an inner LED light that will light up for a minute after the door is opened.
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Exterior dimensions14" x 10" x 10" (L x W x H)
Interior dimensions13.5" x 9" x 9" (L x W x H)
Net Weight24.5 lbs
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The safe is made of solid and highly durable steel which provides long-lasting strength and superior protection.


With compact design, this safe nicely accommodates a wide range of valuables, including jewelry, legal documents, passports, cash, and more. You can use fingerprint to open the safe and the capacity of fingerprint is up to 30. Comes with high sensitivity electronic panel, the password is also easy to entry and the safe is convenient to open. When you open the safe box, the inner LED light will go on for one minute. If you forget your pass code or the keypad batteries run out, you can open the safe with emergency override key. And the safe is also equipped with a smart sound alarm device which will beep to alert after incorrect attempts of entering code. Whether you are going on a holiday or simply leaving for work, this reliable and heavy-duty security box will offer you peace of mind and ensure that your important possessions are heavily guarded.


If you are looking foe this product, don't hesitate to place an order.


  • Heavy-duty and solid steel construction of safe ensures security
  • High sensitivity electronic panel for easy entering password
  • Be opened with fingerprint recognition system
  • Inner LED light for finding items in the safe easily
  • Beep to alert after incorrect combination attempt of code or low battery
  • Perfect security for your valuables like jewelry, legal documents, passports and cash
  • Soft carpeted floor in the safe prevents jewelry and other delicate items from scratch
  • Shelf can be removed to enlarge inner storage space
  • Two emergency override keys also can be used to open the safe
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting to the floor, shelf or wall to improve security
  • Ideal to be placed in your home or office with compact design


23 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • A

    Works well

    I love this safe, especially for the price. The code and finger prints are easily set up. You can put multiple finger prints. I have 4 of my fingers saved into it. I have had it for 2 yrs and have yet to replace the batteries. No one can get into it, except me. It has the finger print, which is what I use. It works very well. It has a digital screen to put a 6 digit code in, I use that in case my hands are dirty. Then it has the 2 master keys. I have never had to use those. I did test them and they work. You can put important papers in it, medications, a fire arm, ect. It is good sized. If your finger print or the 6 digit code get put in wrong about 5 times, the alarm goes off, which is a descent volume. You can bolt it down, it come with all the pieces to do that. I love it.

  • C

    Nice little safe

    Lets be honest... If you buying a safe this size all you'er looking to do is lock up your valuables and slow a thief down. If someone wants what you have bad enough. They will figure out a way to walk away with the whole safe.

  • A


    Easy to use, very sturdy, multiple unlock options

  • V

    Has alarm too!

    Was purchased as a gift... I like that it is heavy and seems well made. Has fingerprint entry and numeric keypad plus keys. Didn't realize it also had an alarm but it went off a couple times when the kids were messing with it. The alarm isn't too loud, but will get someone nearby's attention.

  • J

    Amazing safe

    Love it. Fingerprint reader is amazing


  • Q:
    The password and fingerprint can not be set up successfully.
    Firstly, INITIALIZE THE SYSTEM (You have to initialize the system to complete match when first time to use). Press and hold the red button/reset key for about 5 seconds, and you will hear one long beep which means that all fingerprints are deleted, the password is back to “123456”, other parameters are back to factory setting, any fingerprint will open the safe. Secondly, PROGRAMMING THE CODE. With the door open, press “00” and press the red button (reset button) on the back of the door near the hinge, release it and you will hear one “tick”. The panel shows “Right” and flashes. Enter a new password (3-12 numbers), and confirm by pressing “#” (eg. “123456#”). You will hear long “beep”. The new password was set up..
    Costway representative
    Hello, any explanation on how to record multiple fingers??
    "A. With the door open, press the red button (reset button) on the back of the door near the hinge, release it and you will hear two“tick"". The panel lights up and the fingerprint lamp flashes, put your finger on the senor(press hard) and take away, do like this four times, each time you will hear one“beep"". Then, you will hear one long“beep"". It means you have registered the fingerprint successfully. If not, press your finger again until you succeed. B. If you hear three beeps and LED lamp flashes three times when you press the red button, it means your fingerprint memory is full. C. The storage capacity of fingerprint is 30.
    Costway representative"
  • Q:
    I programmed it to open with my finger print and my friend opened it using his finger print without him registering it with the safe. I don’t think it is safe to have my personal belongings in it.
    Fingerprints need to be re-entered in accordance with the instructions.
    Costway representative
    How can I register more fingers after the very first one? Explain how to do so
  • Q:
    How to set the code?
    Please press 00 and do not stop intermittently and then press the escape button to release it (don’t keep pressing it). The right button in the upper left corner will keep flashing when you set the password, enter the new password and add # to succeed.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    So, I am trying to figure out how to set my new passcode. And it tells me to press 00 then the "red" button on the back of the safe door, near thr hinge, but there`s only a green button...
    Could you please send the problem and the order number to our customer service email [email protected]? Our customer service staff will help you with this problem after confirmation.
    Costway representative
    I'm only seeing a green button. Where exactly is the red button?


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